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We are really proud that we can provide so much value, to such a diverse range of organizations. From tech to retail, from fashion to energy, and from small businesses to large - we are connecting the widest selection of workforces from all over the world, in entirely new ways. Don’t just take it from us, see what our happy customers have to say below.

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Groupe Chantelle

“We wanted to take advantage of the information exchange seen in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others – but with tools that meet professional standards and service-level agreements.”
Oren Nadjar, CTO, Groupe Chantelle

Groupe Chantelle’s brands scream class, the French lingerie and well-being label is internationally known for quality fashion - and now they’re known for quality collaboration too.

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Music Retail

"With Happeo - 80% of the stores are well-informed of what is going on. It’s quite a remarkable change!"
Peter Felldin, Marketing Manager, 4Sound

Music Retail is the company behind 4Sound, the leading store for musicians in Norway. They are a passionate group of music lovers that strive to set high standards for their customers, and now they keep all of their stores in sync with Happeo.

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“It was the first time in my career that the communication and ICT teams sat down together at the same table. We were in full agreement that something needed to be done.”
Kaisa-Maaria Hildén, Communications Coordinator & Intranet Product Owner, yle

The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle, wanted to replace their old intranet with a new solution that would offer more social features and better support their daily work - what they got was more than they could have hoped for.

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