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OneGoal uses Happeo to connect their culture online

OneGoal uses Happeo to connect their culture online

“Our culture is crucial in order for us to achieve our mission and vision, to connect and work as one unit. When trying to find an Intranet we wanted to have something that could still embrace everybody's individuality and different pathways they come from, while still moving forward on the things that matter.”

- Jonathan Swengler, Director of Internal Communications for OneGoal


Empowering students from low-income communities

OneGoal is a three year teacher-led program that aims to close the college-degree divide in the United-States. In the US only 22% of students from low-income communities actually go on to get a bachelors or associate degree. OneGoal’s vision is for every young person to have an equitable opportunity to achieve their greatest post-secondary aspirations. 

Streamline, simplify and engage

“Internal Comms plays a crucial role within our organization. We’re based across the country and in different timezones, so it’s important that we’re able to stay connected. When I started, we wanted to simplify the way we were communicating with one another, and we wanted to engage. Streamline, simplify, and engage were the three themes for internal communications that we tried to focus on over the past year.” 

Four keys towards a digital culture 

Prior to Happeo, OneGoal wasn’t using an intranet and was struggling to have one central digital workplace. To find the perfect intranet, they set four requirements:

  • A centralized source for knowledge

  • A platform to embrace everybody’s individuality

  • A tool to stay connected, even within different time zones 

  • A simplified way of communicating internally 

Reducing emails

“Before we moved to the Happeo platform as an intranet, our way of communication was primarily through emails. One of the things we were constantly hearing from employees was how crammed their inboxes were, and I’m sure we can all relate to having an inbox with way too many unread messages.


“Now, switching to Happeo, we really use the Article function to be able to give messaging to everyone in the organization, while also making it an announcement so we can easily track who has read and who has not.
This has changed our culture and has been quite a game changer in general, because now we can effectively communicate with our teams, and there’s no opportunity to miss information. The possibilities are now endless for us as we continue on this pathway of evolving the way in which we communicate while making it simple for our staff.”

Feeling connected

“We are an organization that wants to give our teachers the tools that are needed. So to be able to have a platform where every voice can be heard is indispensable. We’ve never had an intranet before so this was really innovative for us to be able to finally have a centralized source for knowledge management, sharing, coming together, and still staying engaged even in times of feeling isolated. That’s been huge for us. And to be able to have multiple channels in which people can have conversations not about work, but about general things that make us human and feel connected.” 

The features that changed the game for OneGoal

  • Articles to share knowledge and create engagement 

  • Announcements to share time sensitive news, and see who has or hasn't read them

  • Pages to create a central place for company-critical information 

  • Native Google Workspace integration to foster collaboration between teams in different locations

How OneGoal will measure success

  • A reduction in the amount of internal emails sent 

  • Decreasing the time spent searching for information


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