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Work better with the tools you already use

Happeo’s App Marketplace and flexible integrations help you collaborate, find, and share information more efficiently across your entire toolbox.

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Make your workflows more efficient

Customize your intranet experience with the apps you need

Extend the reach of your intranet, and do even more with your toolbox. With Happeo’s App Marketplace, you can surface and interact with information sitting in third-party tools, directly in your intranet. No need to switch platforms. Simply head to your account and install one of the apps we created for you in one click. Existing apps include:

  • Embed Trustpilot, Freshdesk, and Zendesk in Pages
  • Use YouTube, Google Forms, and Typeform to drag dynamic content in Posts and Articles
  • Use Slack, Confluence, Jira, and Zendesk connectors to search everywhere from Happeo
  • More apps are added regularly!
Happeo intranet search bar
Happeo intranet Federated Search

Build and share your own apps

Need to import and work with data from a third-party source, but can’t find the right app in the Marketplace? Build your own. With Happeo’s API and widget SDK, your developers have everything they need to create what’s missing from your intranet. Publish your custom apps and share them with the community, or install apps that others have created.

Add outside insight and context to your static content

Providing people with static content they can access whenever it’s best for them is great, but sometimes they might need more context. In Happeo’s Pages you can embed widgets to automatically surface the information they need. Integrate apps like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Trustpilot, and more.

Happeo intranet Search Analytics
Happeo intranet custom search result

Make your discussions more engaging and dynamic

Have something important to share with your community? Don’t limit yourself to just linking to it. In Channel Posts, you can embed widgets for YouTube live streams, Google Forms, or Typeform surveys. So you can get the feedback and engagement you need right away.

Turn chaos into clarity in your collaboration suites

Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers a lot of powerful tools, but they feel disjointed. You soon find yourself with a myriad of folders and no way to make sense of it.

Happeo gives you a digital home for your Workspace. One place you can log into to find and access any Drive file, schedule and start meetings, chat with teammates, and send emails. No duplicates or out of date versions. Everything is beautifully organized, always in sync, and still securely stored in Drive.

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Happeo intranet results page and filters
Happeo intranet results page and filters

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 strings your information pretty well together, but when you’re moving fast, you need your intranet to also be as efficient as possible. That’s where the combination of Microsoft Sharepoint and Teams falls short.

Happeo gives you an intranet that makes everything easier, from provisioning to getting work done. Automatically set up users and permissions from Azure AD, collaborate on your OneDrive, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files and start meetings — all from one platform.

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Slack is great for rapid communication, but it’s hard for important information to stick. With Happeo you don’t have to settle. Automatically share Happeo Posts in Slack and discuss them in real time. Link to Slack conversations on a Happeo Page or Article. And search for any Slack message without leaving Happeo.

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Happeo intranet results page and filters
Happeo intranet results page and filters


SharePoint is great as a file repository, but doesn’t communicate with your external tools very well. Happeo allows you to share and embed your SharePoint libraries, without having to constantly switch platforms. And user permissions are imported automatically.

When you mastered the craft of intranet

Happeo | Make your tools work better together, don’t reinvent the wheel

Customize as you see fit

As if the native integrations aren’t enough, with our API you can get even more done. Collect Posts data and automatically send out a newsletter, get information from support tickets and publish it in a Channel, connect your CRM and share data in Happeo.

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Get the outside perspective

Get even more granular and take your data outside of Happeo with the Google Analytics integration. Track every single event, user, or piece of content.

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