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Create communication that’s laser-focused and impactful

As you grow fast it’s easy to throw information out there. But it’s harder to actually use it and make sense of it. Happeo makes information and communication unmissable, so your teams can collaborate more effectively.

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What Internal Communication Managers love about Happeo

Laser-focus your communication on the right people

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” communications. Enter a new era with Happeo, where you can target on-demand content that’s relevant to everyone, someone, or anything in-between.

Always get your message across

Every Internal Communicator knows that dropping a message isn’t the end of it. You need reminders, conversation, and the support of leadership to “make it stick”.

Get full control and visibility on who does what and how

Intranet governance doesn’t have to be hard. Happeo automates the tech stuff so you can get your users in, with the right permissions, fast. Analytics make any other doubts a thing of the past.

Build your intranet and culture together

Alignment is one of the end-goals of any comms team, but it’s not a one-person mission. Happeo is so easy to use, everyone can take control of their own space in the intranet.

Make more informed decisions

Never question what your people need, what they like, and who’s really using your intranet. Happeo’s Analytics replaces guesswork with continuous optimization.

Help employees speak up

Communication is a two-way street. It's time for that traffic light to hit green. Happeo helps everyone to create, discover, and consume content — without compromising your brand.


Make everyone’s job easier with Happeo