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Unlock the power knowledge with robust enterprise search

Happeo’s enterprise search scans every knowledge source within the organization from one place so people can quickly get what they need and get on with their day.

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Find anything, from one place

When your company’s moving fast, knowledge floats around in people’s heads and it’s scattered through your drive. Not with Happeo. With Happeo’s Search you can find any piece of content, any file, or any contact details inside Happeo, Google Drive, SharePoint, or OneDrive — all from a single search bar.

Happeo intranet search bar
Happeo intranet Federated Search

No more thinking where to search

Slack, Jira, Confluence, Zendesk… can’t remember where to search for that thing you really need now? Stop trying. With the Federated Search Add-on, you can log into Happeo, type a few keywords in the same search bar you’re used to, and find every single piece of content or file — in any of the third party tools you use.

No more stumbling in the dark

Your people might be able to find everything that’s in your intranet, but is that the information they need? With Search Analytics you get to be a fly on the wall and see exactly what people search for, how long they take, and if they can find it. You can even see if they either opened a result, adjusted their search, or gave up.

Happeo intranet Search Analytics
Happeo intranet custom search result

Control where people can search

Being able to search within multiple tools from one platform is great, but you still need to be in control. With Happeo you can completely customize where your teams get search results from and what filters they can use. Whether it’s from Happeo’s Pages, Channels or People, from your Google or Microsoft environments, or even in any third-party app.

Sift through all your data in seconds

We didn’t simply want to help you find stuff and drop it on your virtual doorstep. Happeo gives you all the search results you need to look at, from all your platforms, and organizes them in a clear, easy to understand screen. You get results divided by categories like Pages, Channels, and Emails with custom filters for each one, to dig even deeper.

Happeo intranet results page and filters

Search so powerful it feels like mind reading

Your intranet’s search doesn’t only have to be comprehensive and detailed. You need fast and reliable results too. Happeo’s search functionality uses the latest technology to give you instant results, sometimes even before you finished typing.

  • Predictive search to suggest keywords
  • Elastic search to analyze data in real-time
  • Semantic search to understand meaning
  • Hashtags to make things easier to find

Make an impact with your intranet’s content

Unique Search Users

See how many individual users search in Happeo.

Time Spent on Opened Results

See how long people spend on search results they get.

Success and Failure Rates

Understand whether people can or can’t find what they need.

Search Terms

See exactly what your people are looking for.

Analytics Filters

Filter terms by department or organization unit.

Trending Search Terms

See what search terms have been used the most lately.

Average Time to Find Results

Learn how long it takes on average to find information.

Search Term Details

See how long it took, where they got results from and more.

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