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5 Benefits to Leveraging AI for Your Intranet

5 Benefits to Leveraging AI for Your Intranet

Cara Heimbaugh

4 mins read

Tue, Dec 5, '23  

Intranets are continuing to evolve and meet the growing needs and expectations of users and the workforce, particularly as the world solidifies remote and hybrid work as a standard.
Moving forward, AI is the catalyst for the next generation of more intuitive, customized, and engaging spaces where people can collaborate and do their best, most productive work.

AI can elevate an intranet to bring control to information chaos, unlock the power of knowledge sharing, and align the organization around uniform goals. It can bring an intranet to life, and there are a handful of key benefits that organizations can experience as a result.

Be More Productive–Way More Productive

It’s simple; AI accelerates processes, and quicker processes equate to more time focusing on what is most important for each team member and the organization overall. Some of the processes that can benefit from AI are search, communication workflows, and information access. For example, rather than searching for one keyword and manually sifting through files, IMs, emails, and documents, AI-powered search has the potential to quickly scan all information sources to untap the knowledge that is locked in silos and deliver the most relevant answer, not a list of results to shuffle through.

AI also has the potential to help configure alert mechanisms, tailoring them to the work that is important to each user and prioritizing the most important company news and announcements. As users continue to work naturally, an AI-powered intranet can learn more about each user’s role, their needs, and save them time from unnecessary communications.

AI can turn hours lost on irrelevant tedium into an opportunity to invest those hours in impactful knowledge sharing.

Provide Greater Flexibility (Both for your organization and your users) 

One of the largest complaints about traditional intranets is that they don’t provide enough customization for the knowledge that an organization wants to share. Clunky, rigid platforms and boring and dry designs leave your users uninspired and your intranet investment an unsuccessful drain to ROI. 

AI offers the opportunity to more easily create customizable, beautiful, and on-brand digital homes that have the elasticity needed to conform to each organization’s needs. AI also has the ability to help you provide greater configuration options for your site, catering to all of your internal business functions based on persona and role.

AI can turn a boring, unengaging intranet into a seamless and beautiful extension of your external website that is suited to your specific objectives and structure, and where your entire internal organization can collaborate, share knowledge, and create efficiency.

Save money & Resources

The average intranet build on legacy or standard platforms can take months, or even over a year to complete, and cost upwards of $100,000 in project investments. The longer it takes to stand up your intranet, the longer it will take to realize value and increase your ROI–if at all. AI can be leveraged to assist in the development of best-in-class intranets, centered around your organization’s brand and preferences. 

Further, through AI-powered analytics, organizations can learn more about how the platform is being used, track performance, and identify areas of improvement. Having deeper insights means that organizations can make better, data-based decisions and easily iterate to conform to the business needs. Analytics can simultaneously be used to track the ROI of the platform itself, creating more opportunities for improvement that save money in the long run.

AI can turn a high cost of ownership with a low return on investment into high return on investment with a low cost of ownership.

Increase Support & Adoption

The purpose of an intranet is to facilitate knowledge sharing, reduce information chaos, and create alignment. But in reality, many well-intentioned intranet projects fail–up to 90% of them. Key reasons for this are a lack of clear purpose and poor user experience, which ultimately leads to low user adoption. 

AI can transform your intranet into a platform that is successful from the top-down and across all business units, and that employees want to use. Using AI to customize alerts, communications, and preferences at the user level can help cut through clutter and create a useful digital home for each person. 

Being able to easily access information without wasting time hunting across various information sources and sharing knowledge from their own team keeps the momentum of productivity flowing and the adoption rate higher than intranets that don’t offer any AI services. 

AI can turn a misaligned organization into an engaged, synchronized, and cohesive team.

Drastically Improve Culture

Ultimately, an intranet should be a place where users can extract and deliver value for the organization, a place all teams can rely on as a single course of truth, a place to drop the stress of information overload and share knowledge to get great work done. 

When this can happen, organizations find that their employees are happier, working with more synergy, and are more productive. And that leads to a complete transformation of business, as Forbes has found that having an engaged and positive workplace culture can lead to 4x in revenue growth.

AI capabilities can turn a good culture and a good intranet experience into a great ones. 

Happeo has started its own journey with AI, with the first of our AI-powered services launching 2024 to further improve our already dynamic platform.

Join us as we bring intranets to life. 

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