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You can't just shout across the office anymore

As you grow or go remote, keeping everyone informed, aligned, and engaged becomes chaotic. Slack is not made for storing information, Drive and SharePoint can become messy, and the constant email back and forth is a productivity drain. The chaos continues when you realize 15 more teammates will be joining the company next month.

What worked when you were 50 can’t work when you’re getting closer to 500.

“We had a lot of material spread out across our Google Workspace and Happeo helped us to bring it together in a clear and easy to access manner. People find it easy to use and now contribute their own content.”

- Happeo customer in Marketing industry

Happeo | What worked when you were 50 can’t work when you’re getting closer to 500

When information gets out of hand and your people lose touch, use Happeo

One place to surface all your information

Finally a single, central hub for all your company’s information and knowledge. Find anything, no matter the tool you’re using—without ever leaving Happeo.

“I used to get pings constantly. Now I just point them to Happeo.”

- Calene Horton, ActivTrak

Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Laser-focused, but human internal communications

Get the message across with targeted announcements, posts and pages, easily create onboarding content for new members, and keep everyone up to date on current events.

“We're reducing the amount of internally sent emails, because Happeo is now our central storage place for all important (and also non-important) information.”

- Happeo customer in IT Services and Consulting industry

Help people speak up (and have coffee break moments)

Connect with each other, even when working remotely. Make it easy for everyone to create communities around shared interests and projects or to just have great conversations, and put a face to a name.

“I like most that our employees now have a digital home where they can log in every day and get all the relevant news, connect with colleagues and find everything they need to get their job done.”

- Happeo customer in Professional Training & Coaching industry

Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Grow fast with confidence, while your team enjoys the ride

Happeo | Make your tools work better together, don’t reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel, make your tools work better together

Browse, edit, or embed your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 files, connect your calendar and email, and access third party apps like Slack, Freshdesk, and Zoom—without ever leaving Happeo. Need more? Get custom apps from our App Marketplace.

Happeo | Save 20% of your people’s time with one search to rule them all

Save 20% of your people’s time with one search to rule them all

Find anything in just a few keywords from a single search bar—no matter the platform, the format, or how deep it’s buried. Search within your existing toolbox (i.e. Slack, Jira and Confluence) from the one platform everyone knows and loves.

Happeo | Don’t just broadcast, target your news

Don’t just broadcast, target your news

Happeo makes it easy to reach the right people with any company news, articles, and announcements. All through rich media like videos, GIFs, slides, and other Google or Microsoft files. Happeo makes content targeted and engaging.

Happeo | Drag and drop to create beautiful wikis, sites, a knowledge base and more

Drag and drop to create beautiful wikis, sites, knowledge base, and more

Happeo is far from your old clunky intranet. Create beautiful, consistent, and branded pages without writing a line of code. Drag and drop your content into Happeo’s template styles. Also embed files, add widgets, and even manage multiple languages.

Happeo | A safe space for everyone to share their ideas

Create a safe space for everyone to share their ideas

Give employees a digital home where they can connect with colleagues and share their thoughts. Bring people together and in alignment with your culture and values. Help your knowledge workers innovate and be more productive.

Happeo | Spot gaps in communication and get clear on who’s viewing what

Spot communication gaps and understand who’s viewing what

Always keep your intranet lean with the information users truly need. Use Happeo’s advanced analytics to get the insights you need to make the right decisions. Measure the ROI and impact of your internal communications with real world, actionable data.

“We share internal news within Happeo and it is like a community for us.”

- Happeo customer by Director of Business Development profession

There is a better way.
And it’s all in one place.

Happeo & Slack

Happeo & Slack

When you need to target and distribute your news or create static content (HR policies, onboarding information, etc.), Happeo is your go-to so information doesn’t drown in Slack. Let Slack take care of messaging, and we’ll take care of the news.

Happeo & Google Sites

Happeo & Google Sites

Google Sites is a good way to store static information, but when you’re growing fast, it can quickly get messy. It doesn’t allow your employees to engage and connect, which becomes more challenging when going remote. Happeo combines the power of static Pages with the social element that your distributed teams need to stay connected.

Happeo & SharePoint

Happeo & SharePoint

Sharepoint is a good static, top-down intranet option if you’re using Microsoft 365. You might find it clunky and not as intuitive as a modern intranet platform should be. Happeo offers static information, collaboration, and social features in a platform users love to use.

Happeo & email

Happeo & email

We understand how a fast-growing company can easily get stuck with email. The constant back and forth, keeping track of responses, important information getting lost, and the list goes on. With Happeo, everything that matters is available right at your fingertips.

Happeo works with the tools you already use

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SharePoint Files

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When all you need to reply is "It's in Happeo"

An intranet your whole company can embrace

For People and Culture

Give everyone access to the right information and resources, make onboarding more efficient, retain talent by helping them grow, manage your data securely, and encourage your people to engage and speak up.

How Happeo helps

For Internal Communications

Drastically reduce email back and forth, make information easily searchable and transparent, boost bottom-up communication, and create excitement around sharing feedback.

How Happeo helps

For IT departments

Deploy an intranet that fits your stack like a glove. Give people a central search, seamless integrations, and a secure platform without the need for daily management.

How Happeo helps
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How companies get their ROI with Happeo