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LumApps alternative:
Comparing LumApps with Happeo 

LumApps is a French software company that has been offering its services since 2012. With offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Lyon and over 200 employees LumApps is truly a global operation. The CMS intranet software LumApps positions itself as a collaborative intranet platform for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) users with the goal to connect, inform and engage employees. LumApps is an intranet platform for companies that want both top-down and bottom-up communication and are looking for a tool that will help improve both employee collaboration and content management. While LumApps also integrates with Google Workspace, their approach is different from Happeo's.

Happeo Comparison
Happeo Comparison

Reviews also show that the software lacks a smooth global search function, advanced editing and formatting features for content creation. Some advanced social features are missing as well, like being able to tag groups in posts. The digital workplace LumApps calls itself a social-collaborative intranet, while Happeo is a full Google Workspace communication and engagement tool, making it the best LumApps alternative. Read more about the functionality of LumApps intranet compared to Happeo in our comparison table and in our conclusion below. Want to see and compare other LumApps alternatives? Visit our intranet platforms comparison.

Feature overview

Digital workplace Happeo Lumapps
Search โœ“ โœ“
Third-party app launcher โœ“ โœ—
Integrated Drive Editing โœ“ โœ—
Integrated Docs editing โœ“ โœ—
Integrated Sheets editing โœ“ โœ—
Integrated Slides editing โœ“ โœ—
Collaboration platform Happeo Lumapps
Employee directory โœ“ โœ—
Slack integration โœ“ โœ“
User-creatable channels โœ“ โœ“
Integrated Hangouts conferencing โœ“ โœ—
Integrated Calendar editing โœ“ โœ—
Jabber, Webex integration โœ“ โœ—
Social intranet Happeo Lumapps
Page builder โœ“ โœ“
Social channels โœ“ โœ“
Analytics โœ“ โœ“
Personalized news feed โœ“ โœ“
Announcements โœ“ โœ“
Widgets โœ“ โœ“
Branded file templates โœ“ โœ—
Influencer analysis โœ“ โœ—
Overall features Happeo Lumapps
Mobile intranet app โœ“ โœ“
Push notifications โœ“ โœ“
Single Sign On โœ“ โœ“
ISO compliant security โœ“ โœ“
GDPR compliant โœ“ โœ“
Top-down communications โœ“ โœ“
Bottom-up communications โœ“ โœ“
Custom branding โœ“ โœ“
Multilingual โœ“ โœ“
Deep Google Workspace integration โœ“ โœ—
User-first design โœ“ โœ—
Fast time to deploy โœ“ โœ—
Google Workspace integration โœ“ โœ“
Office 365 integration โœ“ โœ“

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LumApps integrates with the Google Workspace by linking to files

LumApps and Happeo are both Google partners that add a smart enterprise portal to Google Workspace solutions. Integration is easy for both softwares, however the LumApps intranet integrates with Google Workspace by linking to folders, files and locations. In Happeo, the recommended intranet by Google, you can edit files directly on the platform, making it for many users the preferred Lumapps alternative.

LumApps is great for top-down communication

LumApps and Happeo are both tools for top-down and bottom-up communication. However, reviews show that with LumApps it is harder for employees to share information, such as best practices. With LumApps users have less opportunity to customize their homepage and to decide which content is most relevant to them. According to users this has an impact on the engagement rate. Also, LumApps requires admins to create new channels. Happeoโ€™s approach is more bottom-up: restrictable, but naturally best suited for users to have more freedom.

LumApps focuses on static communication

LumApps and Happeo both shifted from a static to a dynamic intranet solution, which encourages a top-down and bottom-up communication. Both providers have powerful page builders. Because Happeo has chat integration and allows social channels to be created by anyone, Happeo is more suited for dynamic communication. In addition, the pages LumApps creates are fairly simple and don't allow for more complex adjustments. This can become a problem if employees want to create more than just a blog-type page, or when they need to create pages without the support of IT or any tech-savvy colleague.

LumApps does not support multiple domains in Google Workspace

It is often possible to add multiple domains to your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account. However, Happeo can be installed across your multi-domain Google Workspace environment, providing your employees with one unified platform.

LumApps' public reviews

Compare Happeo reviews and LumApps reviews on portals such as G2.com. Happeo has more than 50 reviews by clients with an average score of 4.5 of 5 points, while LumApps scores 2.9 on average. Some reviews also mention that the Happeo pricing is better than the LumApps pricing. The pricing of LumApps and Happeo depend on the package and on the amount of users. See the reviews here and find out why Happeo is the best Lumapps alternative.

LumApps & Happeo's mobile apps

Happeo and LumApps both have an app for mobile use. According to reviews the LumApps app's design and features differ between desktop and mobile, affecting its usability for users. Happeo on the other hand keeps improving its mobile application to ensure the best user interface and user experience. The Happeo app receives positive reviews because it is easy to use and has good notification settings.

Booking a demo online

Happeo and LumApps both offer good customer service and free demos. The LumApps demo, as well as the Happeo demo, can be easily booked via their websites. Happeoโ€™s demo is always done by a qualified sales representative. According to reviews, customers value Happeoโ€™s customer service and competency, while LumApps' service can be disconnected from client's deployment at times, according to reviews.

LumApps' usability insights

LumApps takes a different approach to usability. This applied to not only the app, but the desktop version as well. Common usability differences experienced by users are the limited amount of comments displayed, as the majority of comments are hidden behind a "show more" button. It is hard to make page layouts visually compelling, as good text formatting options like adding fonts or colours to posts are missing.