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Grow fast without leaving your people behind

When your remote or hybrid teams are getting bogged down by email and messaging apps, Happeo is a sea of calm, giving them instant access to what they need to stay engaged and do their best work.

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Access all information and files in one place

When you scale fast, you need information fast. Your teams spend 20% of their work week looking for things. Happeo makes everything 65% easier to find.

Help new people get up to speed and feel part of the team

Expanding your teams is part of any company's growth. The sooner new hires understand their role and your company's culture, the better they'll perform. Happeo helps you ramp new joiners 36% faster than before.

More transparency and sharing, without losing control

One company thrives on control, another on transparency, and a third might need a mix of both. Happeo is flexible enough to fit your company's cultural mold.

No more knowledge going MIA as you grow

You hire smart people – so you should capitalize on that collective IQ. But if knowledge goes out the door along with your people, that collective IQ takes a hit. Happeo stores knowledge so everyone can access it, and everything they need to do their best job.

Encourage your hybrid or remote teams to speak up

Hybrid and remote work are here to stay. But a change in circumstance requires a change in attitude: you have to help people stay visible so they always feel connected. And that’s exactly what Happeo does.

Keep your teams aligned with announcements and news

Move fast. Access information fast. But what happens when you change directions – fast? Prevent wasted work and keep everyone in the know with Happeo as your targeted-news distributor.

Bridge the gap between leaders and top talent