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Randstad Sourceright: A global, people first business starts with their own employees

Randstad Sourceright: A global, people first business starts with their own employees

Randstad Sourceright is a global talent solutions company with more than 2,500 employees and is a part of Randstad N.V, a leading HR services company with more than 4800 offices worldwide and employing more than 600,000 people every day.

Accelerating global-to-local collaboration

Being a global leader in talent solutions and HR technology, Randstad Sourceright knows that business success today is entirely dependent on talent. After transitioning from a regional to a global organization across all business functions, the company appointed an Internal Communications team to deliver a consistent and engaging Internal Communications strategy. As part of that strategy, the team also led the selection of a new digital workplace solution, incorporating a global intranet and social sharing platform, with the goal to connect everybody globally and to engage them with the brand. 



The goals of the new initiative were to:

  • Connect people across teams, locations, and time zones and encourage global collaboration

  • Build one central platform to drive consistency in communications, messaging, and information sharing provide greater insight and intelligence into employee engagement levels with Internal Communications

  • Invest in a Google-based platform that enables workplace collaboration, idea sharing, and social interaction

The company's Internal Communications focuses on connecting everybody globally and engaging them with the brand. This is key because Randstad Sourceright's diverse workforce of 2,500 people is dispersed, often working remotely or on client sites in more than 70 locations. 

All-in-one Internal Communications solutions 

Happeo Pages are perfect for communicating important company information, such as brand guidelines, onboarding information, HR handbooks, internal blogs, and operational processes and they can be automatically up-to-date because of the dynamic content widgets, such as Google Slides. Randstad Sourceright is not dependent on IT support to create and maintain pages, wasting no time with formatting and keeping all content on-brand.

Happeo gives employees at Randstad Sourceright a forum to collaborate, share knowledge and connect around different topics and work projects. It helps to ensure employees only receive information that is truly relevant to them but also never misses out on important company updates and news.

Randstad Sourceright has created channels that are dedicated to company culture and inspire users to share stories, photos, and videos as well as channels to share thought leadership which enable all employees to input, discuss, and freely share topics they find relevant and interesting.



“We chose Happeo because it was the only system that combines static intranet functionality, with essential collaboration features, social networking and the targeted distribution of news into one solution. The platform matched our vision of a digital workplace.”

Anna Tolley
Global Internal Communications Manager

Helping the business run more efficiently

"Happeo exceeded our expectations during implementation. Although our IT infrastructure is complicated, the platform was set up in less than three months." 

For IT, Happeo reduces admin work by automatically importing user profiles, allowing to centrally manage access and user permissions. Besides that, an easily accessible people directory is automatically created, allowing everyone in the organization to find and start a conversation with everyone. 

Valuable employee engagement insights 

With Happeo, Randstad Sourceright gains valuable insights into employee engagement, which supports them to prove the ROI of Internal Communications to the global leadership team. The success of the platform is measured through the analytics capability of Happeo. It allows turning data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. 

During the decision-making process, it was important for Randstad Sourceright to choose a user-centric digital workplace solution, following results and advice of its own published research, the “2018 Talent Trends Report,” which uncovers the top ten talent trends for the year. They can already see the positive effects through the visibility provided by analytics, which is driving their Internal Communications strategy forward.

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