Happeo packages and pricing

Essential Plan

Essential features:
  • Collaborative Channels
  • Intranet Pages
  • People Directory
  • Permission configuration
  • Workspace & MS365 integration
  • Community features
  • Enterprise Search
  • Google & M365 SSO
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Happeo branding
  • Support access
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer community
  • Zoom integration

Includes default Happeo branding and easy access to our support team through email.

Recommended Plan

All essential features plus:
  • Chat integrations
  • Articles and Announcements
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Lifecycle management
  • Custom branding and themes
  • Advanced community features
  • Post delegation
  • App Launcher
  • Customer Success
  • App Marketplace

Includes easy-to-customize branding.

Custom Plan

All recommended features, plus choose from these add-ons:
  • Advanced analytics
  • API access
  • Custom URL 
  • Federated Search
  • Uptime SLA
  • Full branding

Time to expand on your success?
You can add enterprise features to your package whenever you want.

Essential features

For all companies, who are just getting started with Internal Comms

Collaborative Channels
Set up and use Channels to build engaging employee communities for better communication and collaboration between teams.

Intranet Pages
Create interactive intranet pages that are effortless to update with Happeo’s dynamic widgets.

People Directory
Automatically create an org chart with expandable People cards – all inherited from your Google or Azure directory.

Permission configuration
Provide controlled access to Happeo with user roles for Channels and Pages. Roles include Admin, Owner, Editor and Viewer.

Workspace & MS365
Natively integrate with your cloud drive, calendar, chat and directory based on Google Workspace or MS365.

Community features
Post, comment, like and use in-post styling in Channels.

Universal Search
Find all your documents, emails, conversations and files quickly via Happeo’s powerful search engine.

Google and M365 SSO
Control access easily and securely via your Google or Azure directory.

iOS and Android apps
Access Happeo anywhere through our Android and iOS native mobile applications.

Happeo branding
The platform’s visual identity will be fixed in Happeo’s branding, including its primary and secondary colors, logo and favicon.

Support access
Reach Happeo's support team through our help section or email. We're with you all the way.

Knowledge base
A vast library of onboarding resources and learning materials to train your team.

Customer community
Access to a global community of customers, leaders, and experts who share their best-kept secrets, tips and tricks.

Zoom integration
Prefer to do your video calls via Zoom instead of Meet or Teams? No problem. Happeo integrates perfectly with Zoom. 


Recommended features

For companies who want to drive internal comms while gathering engagement insights

Chat integrations
Google Chat and Slack integrate with Happeo. Push Channel posts to GChat rooms or Slack Channels with one simple button.

Articles and announcements
Start your own internal blog with Article posts. Use announcement posts to ensure no one misses out on important updates.

Google Analytics integration
Track adoption and user engagement with our plug-and-play Google Analytics integration.

Lifecycle management
Ensure Pages and Channels are always up to date by setting “stale” and “archive” dates for content.

Custom branding and themes
Adapt the look and feel of your Happeo platform – from the colors down to the icons. Add your own Primary or Secondary colors, Logo, and Favicon.

Advanced community features
Use Hashtags to categorize content, discover trending topics and allow your users to Bookmark relevant content.

Post delegation
Create articles and posts on behalf of other users, and give (or ask) for approval of new content.

App Launcher
Launch all your business applications directly from Happeo, giving your employees access to your companies full suite of software.

Customer Success
Deployment support, 24/7 tech support and a Customer Success team to ensure you get the most out of Happeo from day one, to years to come.

App Marketplace
Easily install integrations with third-party applications like Freshdesk, Trustpilot, AODocs and many more – plus share and receive custom applications made by other Happeo customers.


Custom features

For enterprises who need all the power of Happier plus double the control and support

Advanced analytics
Happeo analytics allow you to identify top collaborators and influencers, as well as trending topics within your Channels.

API access
Develop your own integrations and adapt Happeo to the way you work.

Custom URL
Allow your employees to access Happeo through your own URL, instead of app.happeo.com.

Federated Search
Expand your Universal Search by searching into content from third-party applications like Confluence, Slack or Zendesk, directly from your Happeo search bar. 

Uptime SLA
We contractually agree to a 99.5% uptime of the Happeo platform, ensuring your user experience is never interrupted.

Full branding
Take brand compliance a step further and customize the nitty-gritty, including a custom log-in page and branded e-mail notifications.



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