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For a central source of truth that keeps everyone informed.

Key features:
  • Pages and Templates
  • Channels
  • Google Workspace Integration
  • Slack Integration and Search
  • Universal Search
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Base Branding

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For impactful internal comms that keeps everyone aligned.

Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Advanced Interactions
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Org chart
  • People Directory
  • Full Branding
  • Dedicated CSM


For a scalable workspace that keeps everyone productive.

Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Federated Search
  • API Access
  • Custom Apps
  • 24/7 Support

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Channels save hours searching for important updates, and help your team's connect with each other just like at the office.

Pages help your teams compile, store, and access knowledge needed to do their best work.

Interactions include posting, commenting, liking, emoji reactions, hashtags, and in-post styling in Channels.

Advanced Interactions create Articles and Posts on behalf of other users, gives (or asks for) approval of content, and lets you post to multiple channels at once.


Universal Search gives instant access to all your documents, emails, conversations, and files via one search bar.

Slack Search gives instant access to all content in Slack via the same search bar as Universal Search.

App Launcher launches all business applications directly from Happeo, giving users direct access to your company’s entire toolstack.

Federated Search gives instant access to all content from third-party apps like Confluence and Zendesk via the same search bar as Universal Search.


People Profiles give users access to their coworkers’ job and contact details, office location, and ways to get in touch with them.

People Directory is an easy-to-browse digital phonebook for all your company’s employees.

Org chart is a simple-but-powerful overview of where everyone sits in your organization, including who their direct reports are and how departments are structured.


Lifecycle Management sets “stale” and “archive” dates for content, making sure your Channels and Pages are always up to date.

Permissions control users’ access to Happeo’s Channels and Pages by assigning user roles: Admin, Owner, Editor, and Viewer.


People Analytics allow you to see who your influential posters are, and who drive the most engagement.

Page Analytics allow you to see how much traffic a Page drives.

Post Analytics allow you to see how much traffic a post drives and how people react to it.

Channel Analytics allow you to see which Channels are the most actively used.

Search Analytics show the most searched keywords, time spent to find results, unopened searches and success and failure metrics.

Google Analytics Integration tracks Happeo’s adoption and user engagement via Google Analytics.


Google & Microsoft Integration and SSO natively integrate Happeo with your entire Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, giving all users easy and secure access via your Google or Azure directory.

Zoom Integration opens Zoom (video) calls directly via Happeo.

Chat Integrations automatically push Channel posts to connected Google Chat or Slack Channels.

App Marketplace gives users access to integrations with third-party apps i.e. Freshdesk, Trustpilot, and AODocs, as well as custom applications from other Happeo customers.

API Access helps you develop custom integrations and adapts Happeo to the way your company works.


Base Branding gives you the option to customize your platform based on your company’s identity, including its logo and favicon, primary and secondary colors, Google Fonts, and Page styles.

Custom Font gives you the option to upload your own custom font – transforming your content in Channels and Pages into an extension of your brand.

Full Branding gives you the option to make your platform fully compliant with your brand, including options to customize your email branding, login page, and domain.


Help Center gives you access to an extensive library of FAQs, best practices, and tutorials.

Dedicated CSM is a Customer Success Manager that’s assigned to you to support you in your journey with Happeo.

24/7 Support replies to your queries within two hours, no matter which timezone you’re in.


Advanced Control is required for companies that have stricter (legal) policies in place. This add-on helps companies control their IP address white listing and session lengths. Companies with multiple subsidiaries can also create their own branded experiences, while still being able to share information with each other.




Implementation Services include training, consultation, and resources that help you and your coworkers maximize the returns of your new intranet. You can choose between three packages:
1) Core gives you 10 hours of deployment support and consultation
2) Advanced gives you 16 hours of deployment support and consultation
3) Custom gives you a bespoke number of hours based on a Statement of Work




Advanced Provisioning is required for companies that either use Okta as their Identity Provider, or want to use SAML for single sign-on (SSO).



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly?

Monthly payments are only available for the Starter plan, with discounts available for annual subscription. Growth and Enterprise plans are billed annually.

Is there a minimum user count?

There is no minimum user count for the Starter package. Growth and Enterprise start at 75 users. The more users you have - the less you pay per each individual user.

Do you offer Okta or SAML?

Yes, we offer those as an optional paid add-on.