Collaboration and social intranet in the future workplace

Create a social workplace with Channels, where employees connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Happeo Channels

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Social intranet features

All employee communications take place in Channels - the digital workplace where your team meets, socialized, and collaborates. Channels are a secure and social environment where every colleague, regardless of where they are can post messages and share ideas or comment, tag, and like posts. With Happeo’s social intranet features you have the power to create an engaging corporate culture, where employees interact with each other. 

Post an article, video or photos
Post messages, ideas, photos or videos. For a dynamic and open communication from all parts in your organization.

Comment on posts
Comment on articles, photos, events, company updates or any other post. A great way to give feedback, socialize and encourage a two-way communication.

Like posts
Give a post a Like, a Thumbs Up or react with another emoticon to show that you read it. The quickest way to connect with a co-worker and to give feedback.

Happeo Page Channel

Share posts, videos or photos
Share information or digital media throughout your company. A great way to encourage social collaboration, and make posts go viral.

Shared team calendar
Access your own and your team’s own Google Calendar from within Channels without leaving your social intranet platform. 

Highlight important announcements in Channels, to streamline communication. It’s a valued feature of social intranets to ensure that employees are up-to-date on important company information.

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Benefits of a Social intranet software

How Happeo’s social intranet features will benefit your organization and employee experience.

Foster productive socializing: Encourage employees to share knowledge and talk to each other.

Enhance internal communication: Break down communication barriers by sharing information openly and to the right people.

Centralize company knowledge: Organize content in one place and ensure efficient knowledge management. 




Boost team collaboration: Empower teams to work together on projects, share ideas, and communicate with each other.

Increase employee engagement: Communication and information sharing are the key for engagement.

Improve productivity: Organize work, streamline information, connect teams and share knowledge!

Build a corporate culture: Create employee networks and bring people together for better company culture.

Success stories

Why Happeo is the best Social intranet?

Join top businesses and empower your employees!


Music Retail: Searching for an Internal Communication tool

When the email chain communication broke down between the HQ and the stores, Music Retail turned to Happeo’s Channels for their communication. Channels allow users to share information in a more organized and streamlined manner. Reaching the right people with your message helps in developing a strong internal communication.

“The main concern was to find an intranet software that would be extremely intuitive and easy for the end-users. One that everybody would understand in 30 seconds. So when we saw Happeo, we immediately thought this could be the best solution. We were surprised about the adoption rate - our teams started to use Happeo’s social features quickly. ”
Happeo Intranet

Groupe Chantelle: Searching for a Collaboration tool

Groupe Chantelle paved the way for the future way of working, by eliminating emails, integrating better internal communication processes and speeding up work processes... but the shift wasn’t over then. A collaboration tool that helps create a better corporate culture was needed and Groupe Chantelle started their search for the best social intranet.

“By investing in a truly social intranet platform like Happeo, we can empower our employees in a completely new way and reap the rewards that lie in the sweet spot between bottom-up and top-down communication. Giving employees a voice in the company encourages them to give feedback and to share ideas. We can see that employees are more satisfied and motivated.”

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