Collaboration and communication in the future workplace

A safe environment where every colleague, regardless of where they are can share, innovate, work and socialize together.

Happeo Channels


The Happeo experience

Connect your business in ways that result in innovation, ideas and infinite returns. 

Personalized timeline
Everybody’s needs are different, which is why every timeline is too.

Special announcements
Highlight important announcements and know exactly who is up to speed.

Easy file collaboration
Simply link to Google Drive files and edit them without changing tabs.

Happeo Page Channel

Shared team calendar
Find the free spaces in your team’s calendar.

One place for everything
Attach a Team Drive to a Channel to keep your files in one place.

Completely customizable
Channel admins can attach widgets, change the look and feel, plus lots more.

Use cases

Having Happeo really comes in handy...

Seeing the features are all well and nice, but how will your employees use Channels on a day-to-day basis?

Redefining collaboration
Our project is really in need of a designer’s touch, I post my presentation to the project Channel. Automatically, the team gets given access rights and Dan works his magic to make it look super swanky. Now people will actually want to watch my presentation!

Stay in-the-know
My Channels stream keeps me updated. I login and see that the marketing team did a great job beating their targets, the new company office build is going well, oh, and James posted the picture with a pineapple on his head from the office party... it’s going to be a great day!


Why people love Happeo

Industry-leading companies are using Happeo’s Channels to revolutionize their workplace productivity. Here’s what they had to say about Channels.


Music Retail
When the email chain communication broke down between the HQ and the stores, Music Retail turned to Happeo’s Channels for their communication.

“The main concern was to find a solution that would be extremely intuitive and easy for the end-users. One that everybody would understand in 30 seconds. So when we saw Happeo, we immediately thought this could be it.”
Happeo Intranet

Groupe Chantelle
Groupe Chantelle paved the way for the future way of working, elimintaing emails, speeding up processes... but the shift isn’t over yet.

“By investing in a truly social collaboration platform like Happeo, we can empower our employees in a completely new way and reap the rewards that lie in the sweet spot between bottom-up and top-down communication.”

Inspire, imagine and innovate - together with Happeo.