Collaboration and social intranet in the future workplace

All employee communications take place in Channels - the digital workplace where your team meets, socializes, and collaborates. Channels are a secure and social environment where every colleague, regardless of where they are, can post messages and share ideas or comment, tag, and like posts.

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Post and share messages

Let employees post and share messages, articles, photos and videos throughout the organization. Channels are a great way to encourage a dynamic and open communication and to foster social collaboration. Much like the coffee area in an office, Channels are like a virtual water cooler, where employees can chat informally and share their day to day activities.

Comment and like posts

Commenting, reacting to posts with emojis and liking posts make it even easier for employees to get feedback and connect with colleagues, share personal stories and give feedback. Social features like this make it easy to keep employees engaged leading to regular intranet usage for work purposes.

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Make announcements

Highlight important posts as announcement posts in Channels, to streamline communication. Announcement posts require confirmation by all Channel members that they have read the post. Announcements in Channels is a valued feature of social intranets to ensure employees are up-to-date on important company news and information.

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News channel

With Happeo it’s easy to publish a post to communicate a range of news. Setting up primary and secondary news Channels allows each employee to receive news relevant to them.

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Article posts

Want to make the article less boring? Style your text, add some images, videos, tables, bulleted lists and or a horizontal line and finished is your great looking article.

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Ghost writing

Ask a colleague aka “ghostwriter” to create the content in the name of the leader. With Happeo’s ghostwriting feature permission can be granted, and it’s possible to post on someone else’s behalf.

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Drafts and Approval

This allows employees to add content to channel pages themself, but that content needs to go through a review process before posting. When a post is on draft or in review an “approver” can comment upon it and mark it as good to go before it goes live.

Lifecycle management

The management of content has been a challenge, but Happeo is here to help. Manage your Channels content and make sure that unused content is archived automatically or reviewed by owners. Lifecycle management helps to keep your information up to date, by reviewing and updating them or archiving unnecessary information that no-one has actively used or updated.

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Channel widgets

One of the greatest things in Channels is the ability to configure each Channel group with available widgets, offering a unique experience. The Channel sidebar is visible to all Channel members and can be customised with different Channel widgets such as: upcoming events, important documents, links and calendar events.

Shared team calendar & notifications

Happeo allows you to manage and access your teams and own Google Calendar and to keep track of events and meetings of your team. No need to leave your social intranet platform, you can schedule meetings and plan events from within Channels without being afraid of overbooking or losing track.

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Foster productive socializing

Encourage employees to share knowledge and talk to each other.

Enhance internal communication

Break down communication barriers by sharing information openly and to the right people.

Centralize company knowledge

Organize content in one place and ensure efficient knowledge management.

Boost team collaboration

Empower teams to work together on projects, share ideas, and communicate with each other.

Increase employee engagement

Communication and information sharing are the key to engagement.

Improve productivity

WOrganize work, streamline information, connect teams and share knowledge!

Build a corporate culture

Create employee networks and bring people together for better company culture.

Get insight with Channel analytics

Gain insights from the most popular Channels, as well as the types of interactions within.

Third-party integrations

Integrate your favorite third-party apps and customize each Channel page.

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“Happeo is extremely user-friendly and provides an easy way for companies (especially international ones) to connect their employees both to each other and to information.”


Chloe Aftab, Riwal
May 2020

“Through Happeo, we envision a virtual community that leans into our organization's core values and enhances our ability to achieve our mission.”


Jonathan Swengler, OneGoal
November 2020

“We will be creating pages and leveraging Happeo’s iFrame capabilities to host all project management in the platform, including Trello boards. When you grow you need a strong structure. That’s what Happeo provides.”


Karla Rejas , Emptor
October 2020

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