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When instant messaging just isn’t enough

Happeo Channels saves hours looking for important news and updates, and lets you connect with your people just like at the office.

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Create your own community in minutes

Easily create your own Channel with a title, description, and hashtags so it’s easy to find. Channels are the perfect way for any department to share important news or updates, not only top-down, or use it to simply welcome new joiners and celebrate wins.

Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Connect it with the tools you use

Quickly connect a Google Drive folder, a calendar, or your Google Meet, and allow for a discussion area or hide it. All easily accessible from a simple navigation menu. Plus you can control who has access, and set posting and commenting restrictions so only authorized people can interact.

No more overlooked messages

Ever missed important information because a message was buried under a dozen of newer ones? 62% of Slack users feel that pain. Happeo allows you to publish a post as an announcement. Pin it at the top of a Channel until members confirm they read it, and send reminders if they didn’t.

Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Add the right people in one click

Inviting your Channel members is quick and easy. Just search for users typing any of their information, use group emails or paste a list of emails. And you’re always confident that everyone has the correct access level, since your contacts are automatically imported from Google Groups and Azure AD.

On-brand or with a personal touch

Consistency is a must for your intranet, but it’s nice when the right things stand out. With Channels you can easily assign your brand colors to each one, or pick something unique, even a custom color. And you can upload a header image to give it the personal and familiar feel your teams need.

Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

No more messages lost in the noise

Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

No such thing as one-size fits all

Whether it’s with a Facebook-like post that people can give feedback to, or with a full-fledged, beautiful-looking article your team can read at any time, you always have the right option for the right type of content in Channels. You can even start livestreams. All from the same hub.

Everything is one search away

You can target and reach the right people at the right time, but you can’t be productive unless you can also retrieve important information when you need it the most. In Happeo everything is searchable. From your posts titles or text, to the tags you use. And you can filter your search by Channel, membership level, and more.

Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

No room for plain or boring

Speak up and make your message come through with engaging and attention-grabbing content. Select your font styles and formats, add links, change text color, add emoticons, attach Drive files or upload any. Add GIFs without leaving Happeo, and even embed external apps like Youtube, Google Forms, or Typeform.

Create and review as a team

Reaching the right people and getting their feedback when posting content has never been easier. For every post in Channels you have the option to either save it as a private draft, share it publicly with editors before publishing it, send it for review to just a few, or turn it into a must read announcement. 

Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

The easiest way to share and get feedback

More than words

You and your team are busy, we know it. That’s why we made it as easy and as fast as possible for you to chime in on conversations and news in Channels. You can react and comment to any post with emojis, simple text, photos, GIFs, and even attachments from your Google Drive or computer. You can also thread your replies, so the conversation is always on point.

Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

Reach people where they work

Even if they can’t do it all, some tools are great at what they do. Take Slack – perfect for fast, real-time communication. We don’t want you to reinvent the wheel, so you can decide to automatically send specific Happeo Channel posts to your Slack, with the native integration. No need to leave the conversation. 

Take the conversation where it matters

Channels are the best place to check on important news and updates, and to get the conversations going. But sometimes those need to surface in the right context. Add a Channel feed widget to any Page. Extend the conversation and interact with it, without switching.

Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

A data-backed approach to internal communications

Active Channel Users

Understand how many team members are visiting your Channels.

Channel Views 

Learn what your Channel engagement looks like from a birds-eye view.

Number of Channels Created

Are your people and departments building their own communities? Get the full picture.

Individual Channel Data

View and sort all your Channels and get granular data on views, number of posts and comments for each. No more guessing what’s popular or useful and what’s not.

Post Engagement

Each user gets a one-glance overview of their post’s reactions, interactions and its. In other words: anyone can figure out how well their updates perform.

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