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Google Workspace: 17 most frequently asked questions in 2024

Google Workspace: 17 most frequently asked questions in 2024

Jonathan Davies


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Thu, Apr 11, '24  

For most companies, the transition to Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) can be a challenge.

That's where we come in – to assist with the transition and help you adapt to the new apps. To do that, we gathered the most frequently asked questions on Google Workspace and answered them for you. Let's get into it.

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What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is an extensive collection of applications and services for cloud-based work in companies. It enables device- and location-independent work and communication. It's an intelligent and efficient all-in-one solution for office work that helps companies improve the collaboration for employees that work from anywhere in the world. With Google Workspace companies can organize their documents and meetings as it has a calendar integration, and teams can have virtual meetings and chats.

The cloud-based office suite market in the United States is dominated by Google’s Workspace and Microsoft’s Office 365. In October 2020, Google Workspace was the market leader, holding a share of 59.41%. Office 365 had a market share of 40.39%.

google workspace vs office 365


  • Over 60% of Google Workspace customers reduce or stop any investment in Office 365

    Google Workspace

What is included in Google Workspace?

Google Workspace consists of 19 apps, five to connect with people, eight for creating documents, two portals of access, and four management tools.

Components of Google Workspace are apps for communication such as Gmail, Meet, Chat, the appointment management application Google Calendar, the cloud storage service Google Drive, office applications such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, administration and archiving apps, and many more. Google Workspace is available in different subscription-based plans with varying levels of functionality. Once Google Workspace was renamed, several new functions and apps were added. The individual tools were linked more intelligently with each other, app icons and pictograms were visually revised and the brand identity was unified.

Here's an overview of all the apps that are included in the Google Workspace:

Whats included in Google Workspace-1

  • Gmail: the most used email service around the world

  • Meet: a tool for group video and audio conferences

  • Calendar: an easy tool to schedule meetings and events

  • Drive: the best solution for file storage and organization

  • Docs: document-solution that everyone can use

  • Sheets: collaborative spreadsheets

  • Slides: collaborative slide decks

  • Chat: a messaging tool for easy communication

  • Forms: a tool to organize forms and create surveys

  • Keep: collaborative notes

  • Sites: easy to install websites

  • Currents: social networking and engagement for companies

Are there also unknown apps included in the Google Workspace?

Yes. Some of the apps are not widely used even though they offer great benefits. Those are, for example, AppSheet which is used to develop apps without coding, Classroom, with which teachers and students can learn, or Cloud Search, which gives allows you to browse and search your entire Google Workspace.

Can I integrate third-party apps in my Google Workspace?

Yes. Google Workspace has a whole list of third-party apps that can be integrated. You easily get an overview of all apps that can be integrated if you check The Google Workspace Marketplace functions as a directory for all apps that are maintained by Google and can easily be used in  Google Workspace.

How to access Google Workspace?

Before you can benefit from the applications that are integrated with Google Workspace, you can choose a subscription-based plan. Once done, you can continue with setting up the first admin user account and the domain that will be using the Google Workspace.

The whole setup process is easy and should be done in a few seconds. You can then easily sign in, configure your Google Workspace to your individual business needs and customize your account accordingly. By doing so, you can use the opportunity to add users, set the access permissions, add more domains and personalize your company's dashboard.

Why do I need a Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a great tool to increase productivity and collaboration. It combines tools that give you opportunities for smooth and seamless day-to-day work. It also saves you time as you can access your documents and files in no time, arrange meetings, send emails or quickly talk to colleagues – as simple as that.

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What do I need to use Google Workspace?

All you need to use Google Workspace is a modern browser. Google itself often underlines that Chrome would be the best browser for Google Workspace as it gives you access to Chrome-only apps, but it's not a must. Whether you use macOS or Windows, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari – you can benefit from lots of perks by using one of the many modern browsers that are available.

Is there training for using Google Workspace?

Google itself offers a great variety of training in its virtual training cloud. By checking out the Google Workspace Learning Center, you can access different learning materials, various helpful articles, and hacks that boost your efficiency at work. Apart from that, you can have a look at the helpful how-to videos on the official YouTube channel of Google Workspace, take classes on Coursera and get in-depth video training for Google Workspace. Whatever question you have, we're sure that you can find the best answer in the Google Workspace Learning Center.

Can I use Google Workspace for my personal use?

Of course. Usually, cloud-based office suites are used by offices where intense productivity, collaboration, and communication is needed, but if you need more efficiency in your very own daily life or even if you are a freelancer or self-employed, you can also benefit from the perks of all tools included in the Google Workspace suite.

Also, compared to many other office suites, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace doesn't need any downloads. Every individual user can simply access the tools online – via their tablet, smartphone or computer.

What is the difference between Google Workspace and the Google tools that you can use for free?

Of course you can simply use the free Google tools, especially when using them personally and not as a company. However, there are many advantages that come with the upgrade to the paid Google Workspace suite. These are for example administrator tools, which means that you can easily manage more accounts and access more tools. Also, you can benefit from the 24/7 customer service and store more than the average of 15 GB that every free user gets. With the paid version you can use up to 1 TB of storage for files, documents, photos and everything else that you would like to delete from your computer and rather store online.

How much does Google Workspace cost?

When using Google Workspace professionally, you can choose between three different subscription models: Business Starter for 4,68 € per month and user, Business Standard for 9,36 € per month and user or Business Plus for 15,60 € per month and user. Each subscription plan comes with different perks and add-ons, so as a user just have to choose the plan that suits you best. For large companies there is also the Enterprise package that offers you calls with more than 250 participants, unlimited storage and way more perks. If you're interested in that, you simply have to contact the team of Google Workplace.

Can I add more domain names with Google Workspace?

Depending on the subscription plan that you opted for, you can easily add more than one domain. However, when signing up you need to choose one primary domain which will be associated with your account, your Google Workspace and the individual Cloud Identity. Once you have done that you can add a secondary domain or a domain alias – both is possible as long as you verify your ownership of the domains.

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Can I integrate my intranet with Google Workspace?

Google Workspace itself is not an intranet even though its tools might give you this impression. To benefit from Google Workspace, you might as well integrate your company's intranet. But beware, not every intranet is ready to be integrated with your Google Workspace.

One of the best Google Workspace intranets is Happeo as it increases your employee engagement, internal productivity, and communication. Happeo is the perfect Google intranet solution designed to synchronize deeply with Google apps. It will help you create a complete digital workplace that doesn't know any barriers.


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Can I set up a professional e-mail with Google Workspace?

Having a professional email address is important to outline credibility. With Google Workspace you can create your own email that includes your company's domain name, helping you build your brand.

Can I use Google Workspace offline?

In times when everyone needs to be anywhere in no time, we all come to the point where the internet connection is low or flights are just too long not to work. Don't worry, with Google Workspace you can easily work from any device, even without internet. You can access your emails even if you are offline, draft files and mails without connectivity and send them out once you're online again.

Can I use Google Workspace if I previously used Office?

Yes. You can easily integrate Office files in your Google Workspace as there are specific features for it. Once you have set up an account and registered your domain, you can upload your Microsoft Office files and edit them right within the Google Workspace. Also, the same accounts for Gmail: attachments in an Office file format can easily be opened with Gmail.

Is Google Workspace safe?

Google Workspace is known as one of the most secure cloud-based tools on the market at the moment. Google continuously works on ensuring complete securities, protects its customers, has security checklists, and follows the most up-to-date security guidelines.

So, what to do next?

Do you feel like Google Workspace is the right tool for you and your company? Great, because this might have just been the hardest part. Once you decided to implement Google Workspace, you can simply create an account and choose the subscription plan want. 

To make sure that each and everyone in your company knows not only how to use Google Workspace, but also realizes the benefits of it, it would be a good idea to create Google Workspace training. You can find plenty of material within the Google Workspace Learning Center, but you can also create your own documents and spread them in your company. Everyone must follow the same line, meetings should be held on the same tools, emails should be sent through the same channels, and files should be saved in the same order. By doing this, you save time for everyone and create an easy communication flow.

Looking for more Google Workspace help or would you like to learn more about Google intranet software? Watch a video about Google intranets or schedule a call with one of our intranet experts.