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Extend Google Workspace with a Google intranet

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is used by millions of businesses around the world and its popularity is growing. As a business tool, organizations adore its functionalities for collaboration, communication, and organization. But what about employee engagement? By choosing a Google intranet solution organizations place employees at the core of their business, driving productivity and engagement.

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Using a Google intranet is the best add-on for Google Workspace users

Organizations use many different tools for day-to-day business, which can be time-consuming to manage and overwhelming for employees, resulting in low adoption rates. That's why a Google intranet, also called a Google Workspace intranet is the perfect solution: it combines the collaboration features of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with the engagement features of an intranet.

It serves as a single platform where employees can collaborate, communicate, and access all company information. Its seamless integration with Google applications allows organizations to spend less time managing software and more time growing their business.

  • Integrate with Google Workspace

    A Google intranet solution is designed to synchronize deeply with Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Connect your intranet with Google's suite of productivity apps, and create a complete digital workplace.

  • Maximize the return on investment

    A growing concern of organizations is being able to maximize the value and potential of their Google Workspace tools. A Google intranet solution unites the digital workplace and maximizes the return of Google investments.

  • Boost adoption rate

    Getting employees to embrace an intranet is a challenging but essential task in order to get the most out of your intranet. Synchronizing your intranet with Google Workspace will encourage employees to use your Google intranet more effectively.

  • Drive business productivity

    A Google intranet platform enables organizations to work better, faster, and smarter. Integration with Google’s productivity and other third-party apps eliminates the need to migrate files to different solutions or train teams on how to use other software. With a Google intranet, information is instantly accessible and productivity is increased by reducing the back-and-forth between apps.

  • Foster employee engagement

    Google Workspace is not enough to keep employees engaged. Adding a Google intranet is the best thing to do if you want to overcome the engagement challenge, as it encourages two-way-communication, socializing, and allows customization.

  • Boost team collaboration

    Google Workspace offers many collaboration-led tools that help employees work together such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets, which can all be accessed from within your Google intranet solution. An intranet adds all the features missing for a social and digital work environment.

  • Enhance internal communication

    Good internal communication is essential for every organization as it affects productivity and employee satisfaction. A Google intranet software is the central part of internal communication, where employees receive information and are able to participate in the exchange of company information.

  • Increased Data Storage

    With an intranet for Google all your organization’s data is stored on the apps of Google Workspace. Depending on the business plan you choose, Google Workspace provides flexible storage options. No need to worry about running out of space for your files.

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Happeo is the all-in-one digital workspace, designed for Google Workspace users

Happeo is an intranet solution, collaboration platform, and socializing tool, designed for Google Workspace users. 

The software helps organizations to create a positive employee experience by unlocking company values such as employee engagement, internal communications, and employee productivity. Happeo is awarded for its user-friendliness, deep integration options, and ease of maintenance.

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  • Ease of implementation

    Organizations often fear the implementation of an intranet and low intranet adoption rates, which lies at 31% globally. Happeo however, sees an adoption rate of 78% across all our customers. Some of the reasons for this success are in its easy installation, maintenance, and simple usage. Furthermore, Happeo increases Google Workspace adoption by 12.5%.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Happeo offers an intuitive user interface, which is easy to use and maintain. The well-designed intranet for Google increases employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and collaboration.

  • All-in-one digital workspace

    Happeo brings all Google apps and third-party tools together into a single experience. Access tools or organize, manage and share files without jumping between applications and leaving Happeo. More efficiency guaranteed.

  • Universal Search functionality

    Happeo allows organizations to search all content through one search box, including content within the intranets, Google Drive and employee directory.

  • Seamlessly deep integration

    As a Google intranet, one of Happeo’s biggest benefits is the integration with Google Workspace apps including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. In addition, Happeo integrates with third-party apps like Slack by offering 2-way synchronization. Integrating Happeo with other applications can create real value for the users and helps organizations build a complete, connected, and collaborative workplace.

  • Intranet Analytics

    Evaluating your Google intranet solution and digital workspace performance can be tricky. With Happeo’s Advanced Analytics it's possible to collect data and generate reports about the intranet usage. Gain valuable insights into the behavior of employees and find out what tools are used most, which topics are trending and who is an influencer in the company.

  • Static and dynamic content

    With Happeo organizations have the option to create static intranet pages or pages with dynamic content. Static pages are helpful for creating general company information such as HR, IT and employee information. Dynamic pages empower employees to share knowledge and to socialize.

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Buyer’s handbook for Google intranet software

This buyer's handbook for Google Intranet software helps you quickly choose the best intranet solution. Our handbook includes 5 steps an organization must consider when choosing a new Google Intranet software.

Download the free handbook and learn about:

  • The benefits of a Google Intranet software
  • Why does your company need a Google intranet software?
  • What are your business requirements?
  • What features do you need?
  • Assess potential Google intranet options
  • Make a final decision on the best Google intranet software
  • BONUS: Questions to ask your potential vendor


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Don’t just take our word for it

Happeo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2

“A user friendly, customizable platform for communication and shared work spaces. Easy to create a customized internal platform for company communications, news, and resources for employee needs through pre-built templates”
Customer photo

Davindra Basdeo

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The ability to quickly communicate and scale collaboration is second to none. Users across the globe can receive information, connect and collaborate in real time – answer questions quickly and publicly to avoid duplicative emails.”
Customer photo

Molly Quinn

Director of Marketing and Communications

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”
Customer photo

Calene Horton

People Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Google intranet solution


What are the advantages of a Google intranet solution?

Choosing a Google intranet comes with many benefits for any organization that already uses G Suite or is planning to implement G Suite into their business process. The benefits of Google’s G Suite apps are clear: it is one of the best tools for collaboration, organization, and security. With a 2-way synchronization Google applications can then be connected with an intranet. The advantage is that all applications can be accessed from within the intranet platform, organizations can take advantage of Google’s apps popularity, and at the same time increase the value of their investment in the G Suite platform.

Why is Happeo the best Google intranet solution?

Happeo is the best Google intranet platform because it integrates seamlessly with G Suite. If organizations use G Suite apps like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs on a daily basis then Happeo is a perfect extension because it is adding valuable features for socialising and engagement. Happeo comes with an intuitive user interface that is easy to understand and navigate. Maintaining and building new pages is done easily with drag and drop and no coding skills are needed - making it the perfect tool for non-technical users. As a Google intranet Happeo also benefits from Google Cloud's security model, which means that all files and other data are stored on servers in secure data centers.

Do I need an intranet solution when I already have Google Workspace?

Organizations might wonder if an intranet is needed, when they already use Google’s collaborative apps. The answer is yes. Google’s productivity apps focus on collaboration and miss features for employee engagement. Adding a Google intranet solution, also called Google Workspace intranet, will help organizations to not only drive collaboration but also employee engagement and a good corporate culture.

Does Google have an intranet?

Google does have its own intranet software, called Google Sites. Google Sites is an application that is part of Google Workspace. It differs from other intranet solutions because it focuses on static web page creation and the distribution of information in a more traditional manner instead of collaboration and employee engagement. Hence, Google Sites is about passive communication and not two-way communication.

How to get a Google intranet solution?

If organizations decide to use a Google intranet, also called a Google Workspace intranet, then first they need to sign-up for a Google Workspace account. After Google Workspace is set-up a Google intranet solution can be added. There are plenty of Google intranet platforms available, and choosing the right one can be a challenge. Any selection process should start with a good understanding of what employees need. After the requirements are collected, organizations can narrow down their options to streamline the decision-making process. Most Google intranet providers offer support with the set-up and implementation of the new intranet.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a collection of productivity apps and collaboration tools developed and marketed by Google. Google Workspace includes popular tools as Gmail, Drive, Doc, Meeta nd many more.

What is the difference between G Suite and Google Workspace?

In October 2020 Google rebranded from G Suite to Google Workspace to more accurately represent the product vision. The new productivity suite features all the old favorites - Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive Drive, Meet etc. - but offers a more “deeply integrated user experience”. With Google Workspace, Google blurs the lines between each application for a more fluid feel. For example, organizations are able to create and work together on files from within a chat room and preview them sent over by a colleague without opening it in full.

Google Workspace comes with three main changes: new features, new name, and new pricing. These three changes are the beginning of an evolution in digital collaboration – one that leads to more efficient work.

New Workspace features
Google brings together products that were loosely connected to create a digital dimension where efficiency, flexibility, and connectivity meet.

The new user experience design of Google Workspace is all about creating an environment without digital limitations. To achieve this, Google unified its various apps into a single integrated interface for Google Workspace’s productivity apps, as well as email, chat, video, voice, and content management to ensure quick and easy access to information.

Collaborating in Chat and Drive will become more flexible, as users will be able to generate content and work on documents together with guests in chat rooms. This will make the workflow with outsiders to the company easier and faster.

Next to the big changes that affect how we interact with Workspace, almost every individual application has been improved. An example of that would be Meet’s picture-in-picture feature which will be integrated into Docs, Sheets, and Slides, making online business meetings easier to conduct.

New brand image
The new brand image will align with Google’s vision for Workspace as a hub for teams. One that ensures seamless collaboration and communication. While all separate G Suite apps were programmed for different problems, Google Workspace represents the unity between all the apps. Now all of them are better integrated to optimize collaboration and clear workflow.

The icons of all formerly-known-as G Suite apps are changed to represent connectivity, flexibility, and unification, and visually kickstart Google’s Workspace new beginning.

New pricing tier
Google Workspace’s customers are widely diverse – different backgrounds, different stages of company growth, different demands, you name it. To effectively meet the needs of all their customers, Google Workspace will offer editions tailored to small and big businesses, with editions designed according to the needs of the business.

Next to the regular Business Starter, Business Standard, and Enterprise (pricing on request), Google added a new pricing tier to Workspace – Business Plus. It’s an upgrade that fills the gap between the Business Standard and Enterprise plan that offers improved features.

What’s included with Google Workspace?

Similar to G Suite, all Google Workspace plans provide a custom email for organizations. Next to Gmail, plans also include the following: Meet (for video and voice conferencing), Chat (for team messaging), Calendar (also shared calendars), Drive (for cloud storage), Docs (for word processing), Sheets (for spreadsheets), Slides (for presentations), Forms (for survey building), Sites (for website building), Currents (for employee engagement), Keep (for notes and lists), Apps Script (for work optimization) and Cloud Search (for smart search across Google Workspace). Depending on the plan an organization chooses, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services is available. Google workspace also includes the digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard.

What is the difference between Google Sites and Currents?

Google Sites and Currents are both business tools to improve productivity and owned by Google. However, they are different in that Google Sites focuses on creating and sharing content and Currents focuses on connecting and engaging people. Features of Google Sites include: share knowledge, create sites for teams, projects or events, and access all content from Google Workspace. Features of Currents include: post and comment on ideas and messages from colleagues, get instant feedback, share knowledge, get relevant and personalized content with Currents home stream and measure employee engagement with analytical tools.