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Happeo’s Mobile App Playbook

Your Guide to Delivering the Best On-the-Go Intranet Experience


Every employee needs information to do their job, and they shouldn’t have to climb mountains and swim oceans to get it. In 2023, disengaged employees cost $1.9T in lost productivity, so providing an intranet for central knowledge, communication, and collaboration tool is critical in improving employee engagement. 

But what about the employees who are not typically at a desk from 9 to 5? 

This guide is aimed at business and internal comms leaders who want to save on-the-go employees from falling into communication cracks, tethering them to essential information, and providing a modern solution for all employees to stay informed, aligned, and connected. 

Download to read more about:

  • The power of a mobile intranet
  • Mobile intranet industry applications
  • How mobile intranets benefit deskless and frontline workers
  • Mobile intranet successes
  • Modern features of the new Happeo mobile app