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The best Internal Communication tools and Intranet solutions

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Intranet software, Enterprise social network (ESN), Instant messaging software (chat tools), Video conferencing software, Collaboration tools, Project Management tools, or other Internal Communication tools?

Your head hurts just thinking about all these options, but let's push through – because a good Internal Communication software empowers good work. Our free Comparison Guide will help you get through the jargon jungle and find a tailor-fitted Internal Communication tool for your organization.

Apart from being a comparison piece for Internal Communication tools, this guide has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Keep on reading to learn about Intranet providers – with a thorough analysis on Social Intranet providers. The Social Intranet is the rising star among Internal Communication software providers. Our Intranet comparison guide includes some of the biggest names in the industry such as Happeo, Lumapps, Interact Intranet, Jostle, Jive, and Simplrr. The easiest way to get to know the best Intranet solutions is by giving their features and offerings a look in one straightforward read.

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