Here’s how Happeo’s customers are changing workplace communication

Happeo’s customers are unlike any other customers. We dug deep and found the four things that set our customers apart from other companies.

The 4 things that make Happeo customers unique

Our customers launch fast

The average intranet-launch time? 1.2 years. Happeo’s average launch time? 6-8 weeks. How? Simple: it’s so user friendly, anyone can create content. Your single source for truth can have unlimited contributors, so it will be up in no time – and we’ll help those contributors become expert communicators – no matter which department you sit or what your background is.

Our customers use Happeo every day

There’s only one thing that defines how useful an intranet is, and that’s how often it’s actually used. Our customers use Happeo so often that we’ve smashed industry benchmarks, and for good reason: every feature and component follows our user-first design approach.

Our customers work in their intranet

Ease of use is one thing, usefulness is another. That’s why Happeo integrates natively with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. That’s right – no need to switch tabs. Our customers use Happeo to browse and work with Doc, Sheet, Slide, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or anything else that Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 offer, and search across content in the platform, in Drive and OneDrive, or even in your Gmail and Outlook.

Our customers love data

We don’t just give you the tools to change the way your company communicates. We let you analyze the exact impact of that change. Happeo’s rich analytics go beyond “page visits”, “likes” and “comments”, diving deeper to show you engagement across the platform, who your influencers are and even the content your people are searching for and more importantly – what they can’t find, but really need.

Don’t just take our word for it

Happeo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2

“A user friendly, customizable platform for communication and shared work spaces. Easy to create a customized internal platform for company communications, news, and resources for employee needs through pre-built templates”
Customer photo

Davindra Basdeo

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The ability to quickly communicate and scale collaboration is second to none. Users across the globe can receive information, connect and collaborate in real time – answer questions quickly and publicly to avoid duplicative emails.”
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Molly Quinn

Director of Marketing and Communications

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”
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Calene Horton

People Operations Manager

Reduced launch time, increased value

Launching a new social intranet is 20% tech setup, and 80% change management – and we’re here 100% of the time. There’s always time between signing the contract and launching the platform, and with our help we’ll make that time as short as possible. The result? Quick time to launch, quick time to value.

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Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

The more, the merrier

How do you measure adoption? Simple: calculate the ratio between Daily Average Use and Monthly Average Use. The figure you end up with shows how many monthly users are active on a daily basis. Happeo’s DAU/MAU ratio sits at 52% – enough to define us as “World class”. In other words: your licence fees are well spent.

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Your digital workspace and Happeo, a love story

Happeo increases the value you get from your Workspace and Microsoft 365 licenses. Why? Because we ❤️ Google Workspace alongside Microsoft 365. Your files are stored in Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Your Word or Docs can be opened in the platform. Users are imported from Google Groups or Azure Active Directory. Happeo is so deeply integrated with both – on average, you’ll see your usage go up by 47%.

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Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

Data-driven, it’s a given

If no one read your message, was it really sent? Happeo has one of the most complete suites of Analytics in the industry, allowing you to take a data-driven approach to your workforce communications. It’s a better way to optimize and evaluate your social intranet. It makes it easy to give the people what they want – so they’ll keep coming back for more.

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Even Google loves how Happeo works with Workspace

“Happeo fills that gap. You provide a very solid product on top of Google Workspace that allows customers to have a social intranet without them building it themselves.”

– Dick Dijkstra, Google Cloud Technology Partner Lead

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Happeo’s pricing like?

No social intranet is the same, which is why we tailor our price to your company’s wishes. We have an outline of the pricing packages available, so have a look at Happeo’s pricing page. If you have any questions or would like a personalized quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is there a Happeo app?

Yes! Happeo has both native iOS and Android apps available, and the desktop version can scale to any screen size. Whether your workforce is always on the front lines, on-the-go or behind a desk, you’ll be able to reach them whenever you need.

What kind of companies use Happeo?

The best kind! Ok, seriously: we serve companies of all makes, locations and sizes, so long as they run on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. From fast-growing tech companies to large scale enterprises, from retail to manufacturing and healthcare – we’re there for you.

Can I get a Happeo demo?

Of course! Just request a Happeo demo by filling out the form, and we’ll be in touch faster than you can say “FINALLY, a social intranet people actually love to use!”