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Workvivo alternatives:
How Happeo stacks up

The biggest difference between the two: Workvivo sits beside your existing productivity suite, while Happeo sits on top of it.

We believe acting in synergy with Google Workspace is the only way to create a central source of truth that connects knowledge, comms and people.

Happeo | Move fast without breaking things

Integration with Google Workspace

Core to any intranet is the way it handles files. In Workvivo, these need to be uploaded to the system itself. While it can integrate with Workspace, its files aren’t stored solely in Drive like Happeo. This means the risk of duplicate files is high; one version can be uploaded into the platform, the other could still live in your Drive.

How Happeo integrates with Google Workspace

Happeo is an intranet built for Google Workspace. It acts as an umbrella to Workspace, bringing everything together into one unified platform, no matter how messy or clean your Drive currently is. It helps shine a spotlight on the information and knowledge that is most relevant for each user and provides spaces for knowledge sharing, as well as two-way communication–all in a single pane on glass.

How Workvivo integrates with Google Workspace

Workvivo, on the other hand, is built as a stand-alone platform. It can integrate with Workspace, but only at a surface level. Workvivo is owned by Zoom (now Zoom Workspace) and aims to act as a full communications platform with video conferencing and meetings, Slack/Teams as an integrated chat tool, and Workvivo’s communities as a replacement for internal emails. This duplicates a lot of what Google Workspace can already be used for, creating unnecessary complexity.

Digital Heart vs. Digital Home

Workvivo: States that they’re an employee experience platform, catering to the more HR-centric use cases around engagement, culture, connection, and belonging.

Happeo: Acts as a real central source of truth, where connecting with colleagues is based on work, sharing knowledge, and improving company results – not just social connections.

Happeo | Move fast without breaking things
Happeo | Fastest rollout in the industry

Employee experience vs. Knowledge management

Workvivo: Their core solutions are positioned around the employee experience, focusing on the business result of retention.

Happeo: Happeo’s core solutions revolve around AI-powered features that enable equal access to knowledge and information for all employees, empowering them to do their best work. The core business result is productivity.

Culture vs. Getting things done

Workvivo: It has all the basic features to tailor to the intranet use case and states that its adoption rate is higher than average. This adoption is likely based on the social engagement features, meaning users primarily visit the platform to connect with colleagues and company culture in its broadest terms.

Happeo: Has a stronger page builder, more powerful Search AI and a templated experience, acting as a central source of truth. Adoption is based on its core solution of providing equal access to information (files) and knowledge (information + people’s expertise), making it a work-centric platform.

Happeo | The only intranet by the people, for the people
Happeo | Fastest rollout in the industry

HR integrations vs. Productivity integrations

Workvivo: Workvivo mainly lists HR tools as their core integrations, next to the standard productivity suites and Slack. They approach the platform as an “All in one” solution purely from an employee experience point of view.

Happeo: While Happeo doesn’t have the same amount of integrations with other HR tools, it shouldn’t really matter. HRMS systems aren’t daily-use tools for every employee, typically only a daily go-to for HR roles. Happeo is built for users, not just admins. Happeo has powerful integrations outside of the HR scope, such as with Slack, Google Workspace, Zendesk, and a host of search integrations alongside it.

Enterprise vs. Mid Market

Workvivo: Workvivo is strongly focused on enterprise organizations. This means small to medium sized companies can expect less support from Workvivo, and features will cater more towards improving communications and engagement.

Happeo: 70% of Happeo’s clientele are mid-market companies, being the only intranet that’s truly there for this segment. Workvivo caters mainly to the Enterprise (58%). Happeo’s focus is to democratize knowledge and information.

Happeo | The only intranet by the people, for the people

Happeo vs. Workvivo feature comparison

Source of truth

While Workvivo and Happeo, on paper, look equal in a feature-by-feature comparison, Happeo is the stronger option for Google Workspace-run companies, as it acts as a central source of truth on top of your productivity suite. Workvivo is another platform that aims to replace the file storing, sharing, accessing and permission configurations of Google Workspace.

  Happeo Workvivo
Archive knowledge
Search within the tool
Search in third party tools
Easily navigate information


Internal Communications

Workvivo and Happeo are tied in terms of top-down, internal comms abilities, but the differentiator is in the Analytics. Happeo’s powerful Search analytics and filtering allow you to tailor a comms strategy to specific audience segments, so you can target and increase adoption among specific departments without going spray-and-pray across the whole company.

  Happeo Workvivo
Help leadership communicate
Communicate one-to-one
Communicate one-to-many
Make sure updates get read
Get deep analytics data Sort of

Connection & culture

Though both solutions are close in terms of capabilities, for this specific use case, Workvivo is a little stronger, already having Polls and basic gamification. Whilst gamification isn’t a strong business-results driver, Polls can be extremely powerful to gauge employee sentiment. This is why Happeo is currently beta testing its own Poll tooling.

  Happeo Workvivo
Connect and start calls
Celebrate wins
Find like-minded people
Help employees speak up
Gauge employee opinions Soon

Unified tooling

Workvivo has strong integrations – if you’re in HR. But HR tools aren’t used on a daily basis by every employee. The number one used feature on any intranet is Search – and Happeo’s Search extends into third-party tools with a library beyond any competitor, thanks to its lean approach to search integration development.


  Happeo Workvivo
Collaborate from the tool
Help boost adoption of tools
Embed non-Google information
Make your toolbox searchable Sort of