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A buyer’s handbook to choosing the right intranet software

In this handbook, we’ll introduce you to intranet software and take you on a step-by-step journey to find your new intranet.

  • Learn about the benefits of intranets.
  • Why does your company need an intranet?
  • What are your business requirements?
  • What intranet features do you need?
  • Assess potential intranet options.
  • Make a final decision on the best intranet.
  • Bonus: Questions to ask your potential intranet.

About Happeo
Happeo redefines old-school intranets by combining intranet, enterprise social networking, and collaboration into an employee-driven communications platform. Happeo enables you to both distribute news top-down, but also leverage the power of a strong employee community to create a high-performing digital culture where employees feel part of a team, feel their voice is heard and can crowdsource knowledge and information.

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Download Happeo’s buyer’s handbook