The only intranet software that your people will love to use

Happeo is built so your happy employees lead the conversation, share information, and fuel business growth. It’s a happy marriage between communication and collaboration – get informed, get it done.

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Collaborative Channels

Engage and create - together in Channels

Take your company's communication to the digital realm. Collaborate on projects, forge bonds with your colleagues, and make your voice heard.

  • Post articles, videos, or photos

    Post messages, share files, comment and like, tag users, and discuss at large.

  • Special announcements

    Essential news will never be snoozed again. See who has read the post, and give one-click reminders.

  • Personalized timeline

    Eliminate distractions, only see the news that is important for you.

  • Google Workspace collaboration hub

    Find, edit, and share Google Drive files without leaving Happeo.

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Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages

Intranet Pages

Get everyone on the same Page, from day one

Say goodbye to that old static intranet and hello to a dynamic, easy-to-use Page builder. From onboarding information to HR policies or quarterly objectives – alignment is at your fingertips.

  • Personalized Homepage

    Easily create a custom company homepage with relevant dynamic content for each user, role, and function. No technical knowledge required.

  • Dynamic-content Widgets

    Add social channels, Google Drive files, People, iFrame, and loads more.

  • Lifecycle Management

    Outdated content is outdated. Lifecycle management alerts you of stale content, and automagically archives it when it’s obsolete.

  • Multilingual Pages

    Add multiple versions of each Page for different languages. Who said it was hard to align your international offices? Voilà!.

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People Directory

Your best asset, your People, now better connected

Put your automatically-created org-chart, in the hands of everyone. With our Employee Directory you can connect your people in entirely new ways.

  • Visual Org Chart

    Happeo creates a powerful organizational chart using the data from your Google directory, keeping it always up-to-date.

  • Direct message, video call, and calendar access

    Book your colleague's calendar or get in touch through Slack, Zoom, Jabber, WebEx or Google Meet.

  • Fully-searchable profiles

    Need someone in HR that speaks German? Just search. Everybody in your organization has a rich profile with contact data, skills, bio, and more.

  • In-depth influencer analytics

    See the trendsetters in your organizations –spot your community’s informal leaders.

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Happeo Intranet Pages

Enterprise Security

What happens in Happeo, stays in Happeo

Keep your company information protected with the best in class security – fully ISO 27001 certified.

Review our Security features
ISO 27001 Certification
  • Information-security systems
  • International standard
  • Rigid security protocols
  • ISO 27001 certification
Google Cloud
  • Data is stored in Google Cloud
  • Ultra-secure infrastructure
  • Leader in Forrester Public Cloud
  • Platform-native security
  • Login with Workplace credentials
  • Protection from unauthorized users
  • Protection of sensitive company data
  • Full convenience for your employees
Happeo Intranet Pages

Full Branding Add-on

Keep your internal brand consistent

Recognizability lowers barriers to entry. Employees are more likely to use their Happeo platform when it looks like it’s truly made for their company.

  • Custom URL

    Use your company domain instead of Whatever you choose, it's always there, right in your browser bar.

  • Custom Login Page

    The login page is the door into Happeo. That first impression counts. Customize its image and text, let people know what to expect even before they enter.

  • Branded Notification Emails

    Adjust your click-through button's color and font, customize your headline-text color, and modify your email subject line. You can even change your email template.

  • Custom Branded Environment

    All your company’s news is at your fingertips with a branded company portal, customized with your own colors and logo. Make your brand unmissable – and scalable (separate purchase).

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Advanced Analytics

Make Internal Comms measurable with Advanced Intranet Analytics

Bust the myth that Internal Comms has no ROI. Optimize your content, searches, and craft more engaging posts using Happeo's Intranet Analytics.

  • Clear dashboard and data exports

    Easy to read data allows anyone in your organization to understand what's happening.

  • Channel and Page engagement

    Gain a quick overview of the most active and popular Channels and Pages, and the interactions within.

  • Influencer analytics

    Segment data by employee group, department, and more. Monitor their impact on the business.

  • User adoption

    Not all employees are the same – segment groups of employees and find out how much they use Happeo.

  • Search Analytics

    Find out the most searched keywords, total searches, unique search users, average time to find results and time spent on results.

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Happeo Intranet Pages

Work with your existing toolbox

Happeo integrates with the tools you already have. Now offering two-way sync with many leading platforms

Google Drive

Native Integration

Google Calendar

Native Integration

Google Gmail

Native Integration

Google Docs

Native Integration

Google Meet

Native Integration


Native Integration


Native Integration


Native Integration


Native Integration

Active Directory

Native Integration


Native Integration

AO Docs

Native Integration

Happeo Intranet Pages

Mobile App

Keep everyone connected on the go

With an intuitive interface and immediate push notifications, your workforce will always be in touch. Boost unparalleled company engagement at any time – whether your employees are behind a desk or in the field.

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Enterprise Search

Your organization’s collective knowledge, at the click of a button

Get instant search results from across your organization. Happeo's powerful Universal Search reaches the deepest depths of your Google Drive, company knowledge Pages, Channels and People.

  • All-encompassing Elastic search

    A powerful enterprise search means powerful results. See a relevant list of results, pulling data from sources such as your own Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Channels, Pages, People, and even the text in documents.

  • Search Analytics

    Take guesswork out of the equation with this game-changing feature. Discover exactly which keywords your people search, how findable your content is and more.

  • Easy overview

    Happeo filters everything into clear categories, so you’ll never be overwhelmed by the amount of information at your fingertips. The key to a good search is to find what you want quickly – and that’s exactly what our Search does.

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Happeo Intranet Pages