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Keep moving fast, let Happeo take the wheel

Easily control and monitor how teams interact with your intranet and tools. Keep content always up to date. With a fraction of the work.

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Finally, one tool you don’t have to worry about

Get the right people in automatically

Happeo is not about doing things twice. Adding users and groups is as easy synchronizing your Google Groups or Azure AD account. With all your users in, Happeo allows you to fine tune what everyone can do, view, and search. Within the platform, but also third party tools.

Happeo intranet Users and Rights Management
Happeo intranet Admin Panel

Keep and give control from one place

With so many moving pieces it’s easy to let the situation get out of hand. Whether you want to run a tighter ship or prefer to be more flexible when it comes to controlling your intranet, you can do it. Manage and monitor your content, your search functionality, and your integrations.

Your brand is always top of mind

Flexibility is great, your teams need it. That’s why everyone can build their own content in Happeo. But as an admin, you still have control over your branding so the experience is always cohesive and consistent. Select your primary and secondary colors, add your logo, and pick default styles for content.

Happeo intranet Branding
Happeo intranet Publishing

Create content confidently

Have you been meaning to publish that post since forever, but couldn’t find time to get that person to review it? Do you have an idea but not the full picture yet? Happeo helps you push content to your organization. Publish drafts, request a review from the right people, ghostwrite on their behalf, and confidently get the job done.

Keep content fresh automatically

Do you realize you need to update your training documents or policies only when one of the 50 new people you’re onboarding points it out? Happeo gives you an easy way to always refresh content when you need it, without having to think about it. Set the time when a Page or Channel will become stale and get notified. Auto-archive it if needed, later.

Happeo intranet Lifecycle Management

Give people what they need — nothing more, nothing less

Happeo intranet Governance

Rather than guessing what type of content your teams would benefit from, or throwing up a new Page and hoping people read it, what if you could see exactly what’s going on at all times, with hard data? With Happeo’s Advanced Analytics, you get a comprehensive view of how people use your intranet.

  • Get a bird’s eye view of usage and engagement
  • Dig into your Pages’ data to see what’s working and where you can improve
  • Learn who the top influencers and contributors are
  • See what people are searching for, if the can find it and what happens next
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