Connecting with the right people has never been this easy

Give your employees the ability to discover, connect and collaborate without relying on introductions.

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Finding the right person is effortless

Your best assets are better when they can connect seamlessly. 

Visual org chart
Automagically make an org-chart from your existing Google directory.

Fully searchable
Find people based on name, job title, department, skills, bio and more.

Customize your profile
Have your own rich user profile, add skills, bio and contact information.

Calendar sync
See if someone is busy from their profile so you know if its a good time.

Use cases

Having Happeo really comes in handy...

Seeing the features are all well and nice, but how will your employees use People on a day-to-day basis?

Instantly find who you need
I want to hire someone from abroad, but I have no idea about visas. I search for “visas” within Happeo, and find Rachel from the relocations team. I send her a chat and find out we can hire this person with no problem. Great! Now I just need to convince my boss that this person is as awesome as I am.


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