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Bring your intranet to life with Happeo

The most intuitive suite of intranet AI services is coming in 2024.

Bring your intranet to life with Happeo | Happeo Search AI

Fast and personalized

Ask your question and get the right answer. Search AI looks deep into your content to surface exactly what you're looking for, delivering a personalized summary to keep you moving forward.

Fast and personalized | Happeo Search AI
Connected to your most important sources | Happeo Search AI

Connected to your most important sources

Time spent sifting through files is time not spent doing the work you’re passionate about. From Drive, Docs, Slides, Slack and more, Search AI will find what you need across your most used applications.

We speak your language | Happeo Search AI

We speak your language

Time to break down the language barriers–because Search AI speaks them all. Ask your question and get an answer in your language of preference. Search AI understands and translates automatically.

This is only the beginning

We have more AI services coming in 2024.

Refined and effortless translation | Happeo Search AI
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5 Benefits to Leveraging AI for Your Intranet

Moving forward, AI is the catalyst for the next generation of more intuitive, customized, and engaging spaces where people can collaborate and do their best, most productive work.

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How to Leverage Search to Bring the Consumer Experience to your Internal Organization

A good intranet search experience can transform some of the most acute pain points of an intranet into reasons that employees want to continue and increase engagement.

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Knowledge Management Is Broken: Here’s How Generative AI Could Fix It

For businesses that want to remain competitive in a world where knowledge is everything, they need to repair their broken knowledge management workflows--and AI is part of the solution.