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Pages so beautiful that your old intranet will be jealous

Say goodbye to the static intranet and hello to a useful, dynamic and simple hub for your company information.


The Happeo experience

Improve efficiency, retain knowledge and foster a centralized hub.

Inspiring homepage
Create a custom homepage, with relevant dynamic content for each user.

Dynamic content widgets
Add social channels, Google Drive files, People and loads more.

Navigate like a pro
Page hierarchies are automatically added so you don’t need to waste time.

Simple to update
Using our intuitive editor, anyone can create a great page in seconds.

Keep it on brand
Completely customize each page to match your unique look.

Multilingual pages
Add multiple versions of each page for different languages. Voilà!

Happeo Page Channel

Use cases

Having Happeo really comes in handy...

Seeing the features are all well and nice, but how will your employees use Pages on a day-to-day basis?

Find processes and save time
I want to print a leaflet, but I can’t remember how to order one from the printer. I check out the Marketing Creative teams’ Page and find out that I just need to fill in the Google Form to request. Wow, that was so much easier - and now Mike the marketing guy won’t be mad!

Instant progress updates
I want to see what the latest stats are from the hiring team. I go to the “Recruitment” Page and see the “Hiring Progress” data dashboard. They have also added Rick the recruiter’s details here, so I’ll click and instantly send a chat and ask about this role progress.


Why people love Happeo

Industry-leading companies are using Happeo’s Pages to revolutionize their workplace productivity. Here’s what they had to say about Pages.

Happeo Intranet

Azets were hunting for an intranet platform that allowed social collaboration, as well as being easy to use. 

“After implementing Happeo we have already seen a huge growth in numbers of users that are using our intranet compared to what we had. It's much easier now for the employees than it used to be.”
Happeo Intranet

Groupe Chantelle
Groupe Chantelle were looking for a new intranet tool that can meet the needs of a modern, evolving business. 

"Our legacy collaborative tools quickly showed their limits during major changes. We needed to find an integrated solution that gave us everything in one package. You feel when you use Happeo that it’s truly one tool. ”

Inspire, imagine and innovate - together with Happeo.