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Help your organization run on all cylinders with one single tool

Instead of helping people be more effective, you’re barely keeping up with the questions you get. Happeo gives your teams a better way to find and use information.

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Happeo customer
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Happeo customer
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The productivity boost your teams needed

Do people struggle to find information or can’t remember which procedure to follow and who to ask? Happeo gives them one single place to find anything and reach anyone, when they need it.

Get new hires up to speed in a fraction of the time

Imagine a Monday morning at a new company. Dozens of tools to access, more than three platforms for DMs, and no idea who to report to. Happeo gives new joiners one place where they can figure it all out.

Get the most out of the tools you already use

Having to deal with a myriad of different platforms is not a great incentive. You find yourself with unused licenses and unproductive hours. With Happeo on top, all your tools get used when needed and to their full potential.

Information is always consistent, available, and under control

With so many different platforms to jump through, and an equal number of places to look for information, it's no wonder teams struggle to get work done. Eliminate the time-waste and switching costs, with one, consistent tool.

Never have teams lose sight of where you’re going

Coordinating processes, people, and leadership is a lot of work. It gets worse when your company is going through changes. Happeo gives you the peace of mind of knowing your people are aligned with your vision and strategy at all times.

Fits like a glove on your systems and processes

You’ve done the hard work, we don’t want you to have to reinvent the wheel. That’s why Happeo works with the tools you already use. Launch your intranet faster and start getting more done sooner.

Launch your intranet faster, get productive sooner