The best intranet software for your organization

With more employees working remotely, intranets offer organizations a great way to increase productivity. Discover Happeo, an intranet software with features that allow enterprises to work in a secure environment and to grow.

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Connect people, conversations, and documents with an intranet solution

During the past years, intranets changed from static information tools that were difficult to use and unpopular among employees to dynamic platforms that focus on employee engagement and a user-first design.

Enterprises all over the world recognize the importance of intranets for management and teams. Using the right intranet software can have a positive impact on your business.

  • Increased productivity

    Intranet software reduce the use of emails and make it easy to find information. Using chat tools or posting messages in group channels allows for quicker responses on small to medium issues. A modern intranet solution is a one-stop-shop, where employees can access all the tools and information they need to effectively perform their roles.

  • Easy collaboration

    Intranet solutions make it possible for employees to communicate freely, share ideas and documents with each other, collaborate on projects, interact with different teams and keep track of what each colleague is working on.

  • Engaged employees

    Intranet solutions drive employee engagement by providing a place to communicate, socialize and collaborate.

  • Security knowledge management

    Intranets solutions provide a hub to store company information and files. With a Google intranet companies can be sure that information is always up-to-date and can be accessed by anyone on your team and from anywhere in the world. A search function helps employees find the information they are looking for easily.

  • Strong culture

    Collaboration and communication are the basis for a good company culture. Social intranets enable teams to publish company news easily and encourage a two-way communication.

  • Reduced costs

    Intranet software plays an important role in helping organizations cut costs. Intranets streamline communication and make access to information easy, which improves efficiency. And the need for physical documents decreases, which helps organizations save on costs.

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Happeo has everything a successful intranet needs

Happeo is a cloud-based intranet solution that is easy to set-up, maintain, and use. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate and to create content for everyone, even without technical knowledge.

Empower employees with social intranet features that encourage two-way communication, knowledge sharing, and getting to know each other. With Advanced Analytics, Happeo offers actionable insights about your workplace environment. A tool like Universal Search ensures that employees can find the information they need to perform their jobs.

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  • Sleek design

    Happeo’s intranet software offers a beautiful and modern design. Build pages with drag-and-drop features, customize them with widgets, and personalize them to fit your brand - and all without any HTML experience.

  • Easy to use

    User experience is everything and Happeo offers easy navigation and an intuitive user interface. With our well-designed intranet solution, employees understand quickly how to use it and the navigation and search tools help to find information easily.

  • High adoption rate

    Employees love using Happeo. The synergy between usability and Google Workspace integration drives an average platform-adoption rate of 78%.

  • Integrated features

    Happeo integrates with all Google Workspace apps and third-party tools. We offer two-way synchronization with many leading platforms, as well as an open API. Access your apps with 1 click and from a single platform.

  • Simple to manage

    Happeo is simple to set up and to manage while delivering all the tools and features needed to make the intranet work for your company. Admins can build pages with drag and drop without any IT or coding knowledge.

  • Perfect for large organizations

    Happeo supports organizations with large numbers of employees by offering a solution that ensures organization-wide collaboration, managing securely sensitive data, active knowledge management, supporting a corporate culture and community building.

  • High security standards

    Happeo's intranet solution is developed with Google Cloud technologies, which means that we utilize one of the world’s most secure and reliable cloud infrastructure that keeps data safely stored and monitored 24/7.

  • Advanced Analytics

    With Happeo’s advanced analytics you get a deep understanding of employees intranet usage and actions. Find out what the most popular Channels and most read Pages are, how employees interact with them, and what information they are most interested in.

See an intranet in action

Buyer’s handbook for intranet software

This buyer’s handbook for intranet software helps you quickly choose the best intranet solution. Our handbook includes 5 steps an organization must consider when choosing the new intranet software.

Download the free handbook and learn about:

  • Benefits of an Intranet software
  • Why does your company need an intranet software?
  • What are your business requirements?
  • What features do you need?
  • Assess potential intranet options
  • Make a final decision on the best intranet software
  • BONUS: Questions to ask your potential vendor


Download handbook
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Don’t just take our word for it

Happeo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2

“A user friendly, customizable platform for communication and shared work spaces. Easy to create a customized internal platform for company communications, news, and resources for employee needs through pre-built templates”
Customer photo

Davindra Basdeo

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The ability to quickly communicate and scale collaboration is second to none. Users across the globe can receive information, connect and collaborate in real time – answer questions quickly and publicly to avoid duplicative emails.”
Customer photo

Molly Quinn

Director of Marketing and Communications

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”
Customer photo

Calene Horton

People Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Intranet software


Why use an intranet for your enterprise?

Using an enterprise intranet solution will connect employees and move organizations into the digital workplace. Enterprise intranets provide the space and tools for all tasks to be completed and for internal communication to take place. Besides connecting employees and driving communication, it also facilitates employee collaboration. It stores all documents and data in one space, making it easy to search for and find what is needed. Also, it works on any device that connects to the internet solution. Employees from around the globe can now interact in an efficient and productive way.

What is the difference between Happeo for enterprise and Happeo for small businesses and Start-ups?

Enterprises differ from small businesses and Start-ups because they have a different corporate culture, unique organizational processes and more complex collaboration cycles. That’s why enterprises have a stronger focus on not only team but also cross-departmental communication and collaboration. Furthermore, security and the management of sensitive data, integrating a variety of enterprise systems and managing corporate culture play an important role. Happeo's enterprise intranet software offers features that meet the expectations of large organizations.

Why is Happeo the best intranet solution?

Happeo’s intranet software creates a two-way communication flow that drives engagement by letting employees socialize. Both small and large employee groups can easily access tools with one click from a single platform to increase productivity. Happeo has an open API and is highly integrative – from all Google Workspace apps to your pre-existing third-party tools. Happeo is also the best intranet for companies because of its excellent customer support and affordable pricing.

What are the biggest challenges to using an intranet tool?

While intranet tools are beneficial on many levels for your enterprise, they also have potential issues that can arise. That’s why thorough research before deciding for an intranet solution is recommended to answer these questions:


  • Can intranets be hacked? Intranet software can face security issues by either a breach from outside or one of the employees taking advantage of their access to data. Happeo's intranet is certified with industry-accepted standards, benefiting from Google Cloud's security model and a world-scale infrastructure.
  • How much does an intranet cost? Any type of new software is going to cost something and there could be some unforeseen, recurring maintenance or upgrading costs. Prevent extra costs by requesting a personalized quote from an intranet provider. Happeo provides quotes and offers different pricing options, depending on the number of users and features.
  • How long does it take to implement an intranet platform?Building or purchasing, implementing, and adopting an intranet platform takes time. It could be a lengthy process, and it might be a while before organizations see results. Happeo's intranet platform offers a quick and easy installation and set-up, where no technical knowledge is needed.
  • How to manage an intranet solution? In order to maintain most intranet systems, organizations need to put in time and human resources to managing your software regularly. However, managing and maintaining Happeo is easy. Admins can create pages by drag and drop and share them with the individuals or groups - the perfect intranet software for non-technical users.


How much does an intranet software cost?

Prices for an intranet will vary depending on the vendor, the number of employees, and the features. To find out how much your intranet will cost, most intranet software solutions offer a personalized quote together with a personalized demo. There could be a one-time fee or monthly subscription, as well as possible fees for add-ons or specific customizations.

What features should an intranet solution have?

Figuring out what features to include in an intranet solution means figuring out how an enterprise works best. First, organizations need to look into what employees are currently using the most or what their biggest need is from your new intranet solution. The user is the most important piece in an intranet choice, and organizations need to meet their expectations. Next, organizations need to look into investing in features that are currently trending in the intranet world. Keeping content relevant, social media tools, mobile apps, and integration are proving to be key players in intranets.

What resources to provide for an intranet solution?

If an organization decides for a Google intranet software than first of all G Suite needs to be purchased. This can be done with a trial before agreeing to a plan. Also, to run a cloud-based intranet, organizations need devices that can connect to the internet software. Other than that, there might be the need to facilitate training before implementation, and organizations will need to assign employees to manage the intranet software and content after the intranet is running.

What can help drive intranet adoption?

The intranet adoption process is one of the biggest intranet challenges, but it all comes back to the users. The first thing that will help drive the adoption process is by knowing the employees. Organizations need to figure out what they expect and need from an intranet solution. How are they going to use the intranet tool on a daily basis? By creating a platform that will cater to their working style, organizations will provide a space that employees want to keep coming back to. The best intranet software has a UI that makes sense, and incorporates features that stand-out to employees. Personalization and social media features like news feeds and status updates will keep employees coming back to the intranet platform as well.

How will an intranet software increase productivity?

The main way intranet solutions increase productivity is by providing everything employees need to get their job done in one digital workspace. It decreases the time it takes to search for documents or data as well as the time employees spend switching between different platforms to complete different tasks. Intranet solutions also unite employees across the globe, which results in greater collaboration to help get things done faster and more efficiently. And with a focus on user-generated content and management, there is less time spent consulting IT with intranet issues and more employee empowerment to fix the issue themselves.

Will an intranet software replace the collaboration tools we are currently using?

The short answer to this question for your intranet software is no, it typically won’t fully replace the tools organizations are using now. An intranet software should be thought of more as a hub or a gateway to all of the tools that are needed to get the job done, and not necessarily the be-all-end-all solution to your problems. Really, intranets are about hosting those tools and features in a private, secure, organized manner. This is why integration capability is key for an intranet solution. Organizations want to find an intranet platform that is going to incorporate those successful tools to bolster the intranet solution and drive the adoption process.

How long will the intranet implementation process take?

Some intranet platforms can roll out in only 2 to 6 months, but the usual implementation time is around 6 to 12 months, or sometimes even longer. The intranet implementation process is dependent on what kind of intranet software an organization uses and how quickly they need the system up and running. When building an intranet solution from scratch, the implementation period will be longer due to the time it takes to set up the system and work through the glitches it may have. With a cloud-based intranet solution, organizations will be looking at a much faster implementation time. What that entails is choosing a provider, getting a quote, settling on a solution, going through training, and rolling out the new intranet solution.

Will my non-tech savvy employees be able to use this new intranet software?

Yes! Modern intranet software can be used by anyone because they are catered to the user and are intended to reach employees of all abilities, ages, and skills. While organizations may not want to put technologically-impaired employees in charge of any content or system management, organizations should be able to find a UI that makes sense to all of the employees. If some employees struggle with new technology, it is important to be hyper-aware of that when choosing a solution. Picking a software that is easy to navigate, has a lot of visual designs, and a lot of helpful features for those who need it.