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Slack alternative:
Comparing Slack with Happeo 


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Slack is a business communication tool developed in 2013 by the American company Slack Technologies. It is a great platform for rapid communication between employees, enabling them to connect peer-to-peer or as a group. Slack has a rich host of extra apps on its marketplace. There is no denying that rapid communication is important for any organization, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Since Slack is created to support rapid communication only, it doesn’t provide static pages or collaboration tools, and its message lifespan is incredibly short.

Happeo Comparison
Happeo Comparison

That means that Slack is not an intranet or an Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Rather than being an alternative, Slack and Happeo are two different products that complete each other – Slack is for chat, Happeo is for everything else. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between the two and how integrating both tools creates digital synergy. Want to see and compare other Slack alternatives? Visit our intranet platforms comparison.

Feature overview

Digital workplace Happeo Slack
Third-party app launcher
Integrated Drive Editing
Integrated Docs editing
Integrated Sheets editing
Integrated Slides editing
Collaboration platform Happeo Slack
Employee directory


Slack integration
User-creatable channels
Integrated Hangouts conferencing
Integrated Calendar editing
Jabber, Webex integration
Social intranet Happeo Slack
Page builder
Social channels
Personalized news feed
Branded file templates
Influencer analysis


Overall features Happeo Slack
Mobile intranet app
Push notifications
Single Sign On
ISO compliant security
GDPR compliant
Top-down communications
Bottom-up communications
Custom branding

Logo only

Deep Google Workspace integration
User-first design
Fast time to deploy
Google Workspace integration
Office 365 integration

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Slack isn't the place you work – it's where you talk about it

You can link to files in Drive or make work-related calls, but Slack is not the place where collaboration happens. Slack is excellent for quick, synchronous communication around projects. If your teams are situated across multiple time zones, or if the working hours vary drastically among team members, Happeo is the tool of choice in terms of pure communication around projects. When it comes to actual collaboration, the ability to work on a company’s most-used file types (Sheets, Docs, Slides etc.) natively within the platform, makes Happeo the stronger platform. The longer lifespan of messages in Happeo’s Channels means it caters better towards asynchronous communication.

Slack doesn't provide static information

Slack has no page builder and limited announcement capabilities. Instead, it’s the place where rapid communication happens. While you can link to post threads, finding important information is difficult. Happeo is the main choice here, as it automates static information like HR policies, in-depth quarterly business result analyses or onboarding information to your employees.

Slack gives people a face and a voice

As Slack has no organization chart, the people directory is slightly limited, but it can host as much personal detail as you allow. Since users can freely create channels, it’s definitely the place for synchronous, rapid peer-to-peer communication. Check out the employee directory and organizational chart of Happeo and find out why organizations value Happeo as a good Slack alternative.

File sharing in Slack is a temporary solution

For quick file sharing, Slack is fine. However, since files are stored in the platform itself when you upload something, there is a high risk of duplicate versions. The best Slack alternative talking about file sharing? Happeo - our solution doesn’t store anything in the platform itself, but rather handles everything through Drive. This minimizes the risk of duplicate versions.

Slack could provide more robust analytics

Both platforms have sophisticated analytics, but Happeo’s is richer. In Slack, you can tell the amount of messages sent and files uploaded, as well as which Channels are the most popular. Happeo goes deeper than this and shows you which posts are the most engaging, which topics are most frequently communicated around, and who the main influencers are on a per-channel or global basis. It also provides you with a custom Google Analytics tracking ID.

Together Slack and Happeo create a synergy

Posts created in a Happeo Channel can be directly posted into a connected Slack Channel through our integration. Post something in Happeo and a Slackbot will notify you, making rapid communication a lot more asynchronous. Plus, our Direct-Message (DM) integration allows you to DM your colleagues in Slack from their Happeo profiles. Happeo’s Static + Dynamic communication features, coupled with Slack’s rapid-only communication features, create an all-encompassing digital communication suite.