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Holistic communication: Slack and Google Chat integration

Holistic communication: Slack and Google Chat integration

Antero Hanhirova


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Fri, Oct 23, '20  

Slack is one of the biggest business productivity tools available, and one of the best ways to communicate in real-time with your colleagues.

It’s enriched by a variety of bots, GIFs and the ability to support – or upset – your colleagues through the language of emoji. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most requested integrations from our customers, which is why we’re stoked to announce Happeo's integration with Slack.

[Update October 2020] Happeo now also integrates with Slack's direct-messaging feature. 

What does our Slack integration do?

Let’s say your development team has a channel on both Slack and Happeo; link the two and our Happeo bot will instantly share updates from the Happeo Channel to Slack. Now you're empowering employees to choose where the conversation takes place.

New in our Slack integration, you can now also directly message each other straight from your Happeo profiles. No need for dilly-dallying between all your various work tools: you can perform your most important work and pressing communication directly from your Happeo. The journey starts with an administrator enabling the integration. Users will then receive an in-app prompt, informing them of the new feature and taking them through the steps to enable it. And if Slack doesn't float your boat, rest assured, each user has the ability to enable or disable this feature individually.


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Why would I use Slack and Happeo together?

TL;DR? Who doesn’t want an integrated digital workplace that brings all forms of communication and work together?

Slack has an awesome variety of features for fast communication. Happeo is a different kind of communication and collaboration platform – one that makes it easier to store and view information for the long term, ensure that important messages get read and that work can be done in the platform itself. Different strokes for different folks. In our framework, Happeo provides Static and Dynamic communications, where Slack is the master in Rapid communications. Bringing these two tools together creates a holistic communication environment.

Start by opening your Happeo integrations tab, then add the Happeo bot to your Slack workspace.

What if I don't use Slack?

Never fear, Google Chat is here! We’ve implemented the same functionality with Google Chat, meaning you can also take advantage of the Happeo bot through your existing Google Workspace package