Happster Stories: From Software Engineer to Engineering Manager

Happster Stories: From Software Engineer to Engineering Manager

Emilie Lomas


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Tue, Aug 30, '22  

One of the many benefits of working for a startup? Accelerated career advancement.

We’re not looking for you to have 150 years of experience, 7 diplomas, or the ability to do back-flips on a trampoline. We’re looking for determined people who genuinely love what they do. We figured a little passion goes a long way, and our people thrive when given the chance to advance. This has been the case for Loïc, who was promoted to Engineering Manager after 7 months of being with Happeo. And who better to tell you how it went than Loïc himself.


Internal promotion

“My journey at Happeo is a bit unconventional. I'm Loïc Masson, one of the Engineering Managers at Happeo. I'm originally from France, from what you can hear. I joined as a software engineer, but then my manager left and I volunteered  to replace him. And after a few internal interviews that went very well, everyone was happy for me to be promoted to Engineering Manager.”

New challenges

“All of a sudden I was working with a new team, and new people that had never worked together. So it was quite challenging, but everything went very well and I'm in the position I want to be in. What I actually do is convince our product manager on what we should be doing or not, and I make sure that all the engineers in my team have all the tools and all the focus they need to do the work.” 

Trying inovative ideas

“I think one of the skills that really helps me is to be very proactive and happy with people, and always welcome change. It's very rare that we would give a  blunt no to new ideas. So you can always try new things. And even if it fails, they might still be something to keep. We’ve all been in different companies that have made mistakes. But now we know how to avoid those mistakes and we know how to succeed. We have all the necessary people and resources to do that.”

All for one and one for all (one of Happeo's values!)

“Everyone is always very happy to jump in. They will always assist you and no one's door is closed. Even though we work remotely a lot of the time, you can ask anyone about anything and they will try to make the time for you.”

Founders with a background in tech to lead a growing company

“One thing that I noticed from my previous experience is if one of the founders has a technical background, it'll help shape the company from day one. Both our founders have impressive careers and are very mature in the way they work. It's hard to measure the scale of a company growing when you just see little blocks on your screen accumulate. But now that we’ve all met in person, you notice we can hardly fit in a big room. So it just shows how many people are there and how many people are working very hard to make Happeo grow.”

Come join Loïc and his team

We recommend Loïc 10/10 as a great manager and colleague. If you’re looking for a place to be creative, to think outside of the box, and have opportunities to grow and advance, Happeo could be the place for you.