Happster Stories: Account Executive reveals spicy details about life at Happeo

Happster Stories: Account Executive reveals spicy details about life at Happeo

Emilie Lomas


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Tue, Jul 26, '22  

Hi there! We’re Happeo. If you’re reading this, odds are you’re considering working with us.

Maybe you’re already deep into the interview process. Perhaps you’ve even already received an offer. But we know choosing a job is no easy process. A job is where you’ll be spending a lot of time after all, and you want to make sure you’re happy at work. And that it’s not just work. That it’s the place where you also learn and have fun. If you’re looking for that sweet spot between traditional corporation and borderline cult startup, you’ve found it. But don’t just take our word for it. 

We interviewed Christy Brenseke to tell us about her Happeo experience. She joined our New York office as an Account Executive and she’s pretty awesome. If you’re wondering about the cool palm trees in the background, they’re from a really nice hotel in Portugal. The entire Happeo team joined forces for 3 days in Cascais to really connect and have some fun together. But enough about how cool we are. Christy, take it away!

“My experience with Happeo so far has been incredible. I've always worked in a corporate environment. So working for a scale-up has been an incredible opportunity to collaborate with a lot of different departments that I wouldn't normally have exposure to and learn a lot about how a business can really grow very quickly and effectively.”

The more diverse your background is, the better

“I love that my team has a variety of different experiences. Everyone comes from a different career background, so everyone has different perspectives and insights that they can really bring to the table and welcome each other's opinions and input. We love to collaborate with one another.

“The one piece of advice I have for new starters is to keep in mind that you were hired for a reason because of your unique background and career history. So really take advantage of that and use it to be successful in your position and help the organization.” 

The Happeo culture

“Happeo's culture is inviting. It's positive. It's incredibly encouraging. And it's exciting. I think Happeo is so successful because it really puts time and effort and value into each and every hire that it has. So every individual that works here loves the organization, wants to see the company succeed and does everything that they can to make sure that it scales up as quickly and effectively as possible.”

How about the Happeo product?

“I love the product a lot because when I started, I was nervous to maybe reach out to different people, figure out how to do my job, figure out how to learn the product. And the reason why I love the product is because the product taught me what it was. What excites me about Happeo’s future is just how much opportunity there is. There's so much untapped market, and there's such a gap in the industry with all of our different vendors and competitors. So it's really exciting that we’re able to capitalize on that and be the future of this industry.”

So...ready to join?

We hope Christy gave you some insight on how it would be to work at Happeo. We’re not gonna lie, we’re pretty proud of the culture we’ve built. And we hope to continue on building it with the help of all the amazing happsters, both present and future.