Comparison overview: 

What is Jive?

Jive is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platform and employee-collaboration software intended for medium-to-large sized businesses. It’s owned by the American company Jive Software, founded in 2001. Organizations use it as a platform for Internal Communications to unite and engage their workforce.

Jive allows employees to collaborate and exchange ideas and information through file sharing and multi-channel communication. The platform integrates with Office 365, has a mobile version, and offers features like document collaboration, event calendars, analytics, customized templates and creating content-specific groups and polls. 

Although it has an abundant list of features, Jive lacks the user-friendly interface and Google Workspace integration of Happeo – and it’s those features that make collaboration seamless and loved by our customers. You can check the complete list with differences between Jive and Happeo below. 

Comparison overview:
Happeo vs Jive

Digital Workplace



Integrated Drive editing

Integrated Docs editing

Integrated Sheets editing


Integrated Slides editing


Third-party app launcher

Only with a link


Social Intranet



Page builder

Social channels

Branded file templates



Influencer analysis

Personalized news feed




Collaboration platform



Integrated Hangouts conferencing

Integrated Calendar editing

People directory

Chat and Slack integration


User-creatable channels

Overall features



User-first design


Mobile app

Push notifications

Single Sign On

ISO compliant security

GDPR compliant


Fast time to deploy


Top-down communications

Bottom-up communications

Training required



Custom branding



G Suite integration


Office 365 integration


Conclusion 1

Jive works, but could use some updates

Customers have reported that Jive is often too slow and buggy on both the desktop and the mobile version. The solution: Happeo’s fast loading speed will ensure your employees’ undisrupted intranet experience on both the desktop and the mobile app. 

Conclusion 4

Jive is designed for admins, not users

Jive has plenty of features, but they're not organized through user-friendly design. The homepage feed is especially something customers aren't always happy with. End-users need time to adapt to the product and engage with it. Happeo, on the other hand, has an intuitive design and a clear structure of both the website and the mobile app. The difference is clear – Happeo's user-first design leads to a 77% standard adoption rate, and a world class 52% DAU/MAU ratio.

Conclusion 2

Jive has limited customization options 

Jive’s software is customizable, but up to a limit. It allows for some look-and-feel changes, but additional ones are complex and time-consuming to create. We know this can be a problem, but here we step in – Happeo offers a wide variety of customizable components – from your logo, colors and page-imagery down to fully-branded email digests.

Conclusion 5

Jive has limited analytics

Just like many other platforms, Jive have their own in-house analytic features. According to customers, they aren't very robust. Happeo's advanced analytics gives you overview on what your employees want and how engaged they are in a visual, easy-to-read manner. 

Conclusion 3

Jive’s search isn't an Enterprise Search

Searching for information in Jive isn't entirely intuitive – to find what you are looking for, you need to first know which storage unit's located in. This wouldn't be the case with Happeo's Enterprise Search, as it searches for content universally throughout the platform, but also through files in Google Workspace or even Gmail, and is fast to deliver you the results you're looking for.

Conclusion 6

Jive's customer service can be improved 

Jive users have reported that Jive is too slow to respond to complaints. Our own in-house Customer Success and Support departments won’t ever leave you hanging. We constantly exceed our Service Level Agreement response time by 20 hours, and our Customer Satisfaction score is 6.26 out of 7. In other words: you’re in good hands with Happeo.

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