Happeo makes Internal Comms measurable with Advanced Analytics add-on

Wed, Feb 26, '20 •

Happeo makes Internal Comms measurable with Advanced Analytics add-on

“I know half my advertising budget is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half”. John Wanamaker said this quote around 1918, and it’s plagued marketers for a long time. Then came a massive change. The technological revolution didn’t leave marketing untouched, and with the uprising of web 2.0, analytics and marketing automation, everything became trackable. Yes, even that poster campaign in the subways. Just throw a QR code on it with a unique link, and you can see how many people actually care about its message. 

It goes much deeper than that, but you get the point. The way we measure our output defines how we prove outcome. In this regard, Internal Communications has a lot to catch up with. We’re here to help. Say hello to Happeo’s latest-and-greatest: Advanced Analytics

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All digital Internal Comms activity in one comprehensive dashboard

Data is great, but sheets upon sheets of numbers and figures take a lot of processing time. Our dashboard skips that part and goes straight to easily understandable graphs and charts that can be read by anyone in your organization – as long as they have access. This isn’t just helpful for your own, quick interpretations. Removing the obstacle data-interpretation allows anyone in your organization to understand what’s happening better – they won’t even need experience in Internal Communications. Gain a quick overview of the most active and popular Pages, Channels and users, as well as the types of interactions within.


Influencer analytics

The more engaged ambassadors you have, the more communication output you can create. Spotting the “who’s who” of your organization helps you target your messages and know who to direct your time to when you coach and edit their own communication. Spot them. Help them. Empower them. You just introduced scalability to your Internal Comms efforts.

Influencer analytics can go from helicopter-level (who is the most active, who contributes the most) to the extremely granular. Segment the data by employee group, department and skills. Monitor their impact on the business and get them talking about it. The more people learn from them, the more powerful your IC efforts are.


Automatic reports

Remember when we hinted at just how much easier these analytics are to understand than a raw sheet of data? Don’t worry, there’s no need to paste screenshot after screenshot. With the Advanced Analytics add-on you can create a CSV export that you can share with your leadership team, ambassadors, fellow communicators...whoever needs to see it, can see it, in only two clicks. 

What’s next?

Trending posts, trending channels and...well, we can’t say too much yet, but we’re finding a way to combine our Advanced Analytics with Lifecycle Management, allowing you to automate processes that increase your engagement across the platform – without the need of a freelance data-analyst, or a cousin who’s great at digesting bulks of data. Stay tuned!   


Jonathan Davies


Wed, Feb 26, '20

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