Custom intranet widgets, maximum flexibility

Our custom intranet widgets let you create a tailored social intranet with a deep link to the tools your organization cannot live without. Embed anything: from HR Tools to your project-management platforms and CRMs – Happeo’s flexibility is second to none.

intranet widget

From the ready-to-go to the custom-coded

customized intranet widget
Custom intranet widgets

With a bit of back-end coding, these intranet widgets offer the most flexibility and customizability out of all our widgets. If you want to access business-critical tools like your CRM, HR suite or others inside Happeo, then custom widgets are your tool of choice.

Google Workspace integration
Native widgets

These are our off-the-shelf widgets, ready to go in any new social intranet platform. From Google Calendar to Drive or an embedded Channel, these intranet widgets are a drop-and-drop time saver that require 0.0% technical know-how.

native widget
iFrame Widgets

Lots of employees commuting to your office? Embed your favorite travel planner on your local office’s Page! Need a weather report? There you go! iFrame Widgets are the perfect way to browse through information without having to switch tabs.

widgets for intranets

Custom intranet widgets for HR

Two tools, one tab. Creating a custom widget for Workday or Bamboo HR allows you to access your Enterprise Resource Planning system from within Happeo, without having to switch a tab. Bring the tools where the people are – Happeo.

Custom intranet widgets for Project Management

Imagine this: a dedicated project Page, with all your important Calendar appointments, communication and a custom widget with tasks from Asana or Trello. A single source of truth and tasks for – a bridge between communication, collaboration and project management. You’ll never lose track of the task at hand, or the resources you need to get it done.

intranet widget for project management
intranet widget for sales

Custom intranet widgets
for Sales

Let’s face it – everyone hates outdated CRM information. Bring it to the place your team uses for their day-to-day work and communication, and you’ll make it - that much - easier for your team to keep its information up to date. Empower your sales team with the information they need, in the place they’ll search for it.

Custom Widgets for IT

“If there’s no ticket for it, it doesn’t exist.” If that sounds familiar, it might be time to bring your IT-ticketing system into a more visible place – like your social intranet. Create a Page for IT with all the information your colleagues need, place a custom ticketing Widget there - for example, with Jira - and off you go!

intranet widget for IT

Want to know more about your customization options?

custom widget

Custom intranet widgets

You’ve probably read it by now, but the possibilities are endless. Our partners can help you create a custom intranet widget that suits your needs. Flexibility is infinite, the possibilities are endless.

  • Custom intranet widgets are made per unique URL
  • They can be made for almost any application
  • They’re embeddable on any Page within Happeo, helping you create more value for individual teams
  • Your colleagues will no longer need separate tabs for their favorite tools, boosting platform adoption

widgets for security

Security and benefits

Intranet security is always a priority. By creating a single environment for your most-used business applications, you’re eliminating the risk of multiple points of failure. Whether it’s conversation or your tools, what goes in Happeo – stays in Happeo

  • Database connections are made through a secure API
  • Happeo itself doesn’t store any data – it’s all in your Google Workspace
  • Happeo is hosted on the most secure instance of Google Cloud servers
  • We’re ISO27001 certified, so you’re ensured we have best-in-class security and security protocols.

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Organizations around the world work with Happeo to grow their business. Read our success stories to find out why they love using Happeo and how we've helped them to improve their organizational culture and boost productivity.

“Happeo is extremely user-friendly and provides an easy way for companies (especially international ones) to connect their employees both to each other and to information.”


Chloe Aftab, Riwal
May 2020

“Happeo has completely changed the way we work together. As a small, but geographically dispersed company, Happeo allows our whole team to source and share important information at any time. GSuite integration makes collaboration and knowledge sharing very streamlined”


Ansleigh Walker, Seamless
August, 2019

“We wanted something fully integrated with our Google platform. The implementation was simple. Happeo support is very good and we have a good picture of their roadmap with future new functionalities.”


Eric Madec, Givaudan
September 2020

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