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Enable strategic corporate communications with Happeo

Target your news in a better way, improve employee connectivity with social, bottom-up communication and measure and improve all your Internal Comms efforts. Every carpenter needs a hammer to build a house. Every Internal Communicator needs Happeo to execute their strategy.

Happeo, the social intranet

The benefits of great Internal Communications

The best corporate communications software turns on-site and remote teams into Internal Communicators, and Internal Communicators into strategic facilitators.

Target your news

We live in a narrowcast world, not a broadcast commercial. Get the right news to the right people, at the right time, and watch your business alignment flourish.

Cut through the noise

Some news pieces need to stand out, and when everyone can be your company’s journalist or influencer, it’s crucial that important messages are never missed.

Measure your success

If you’ve just sent out a piece of comms, but no one saw it, was it really sent? Remove the Schrödinger’s Comms effect and track your KPIs with Analytics.

Coordinate your Internal Comms efforts

Everyone is an Internal Communicator – but that doesn’t mean you need to lose control. The best corporate communications software turns a once-centralized function into decentralized facilitators.

Asynchronous communication made easy

We can no longer rely on face-to-face communication. Create a cohesive digital workplace with static, dynamic and rapid comms – all in one.

Shift to demand-based content

What your employees want and need should be the biggest driver of your Internal Comms strategy. Get the scoop on the content your people want, but can’t find.

Improve your digital employee experience

38% of our customers say that improving Internal Communications is the most important reason they use Happeo. Here are the returns they’ve seen.


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has enriched employees' internal-content experience.


of Happeo customers say Happeo made it easy to target news to the right people


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has increased employee engagement in their organization.

Create and target internal content – the easy way

Sharing is caring. Make sure your workforce has equal access and the opportunity to share knowledge.


Evaluate and find your internal content

Target, find and evaluate everything you’ve ever communicated.

Get everyone on the same page.
Get smarter. Get Happeo.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Organizations around the world work with Happeo to grow their business. Read our success stories to find out why they love using Happeo and how we've helped them make their Internal Comms more strategic, faster and a richer experience overall.


“Our leadership team has already adopted Happeo as the way that they communicate whenever there’s an important announcement, an action item, or something that needs to be acknowledged by the broader team. And leadership really enjoys that information is then stored in a way on Happeo where you can search and access it later.”

Customer photo

Caitlyn Ibrahim

“We wanted something with a good user experience, something that enables everyone to create nice-looking pages without having a background in graphic design or HTML. We also had the need for more dynamic communication. Before, our top-down communication was done through emails or newsletters which doesn’t allow much interaction. That’s why we wanted a social intranet – a place where you can comment, like or react in other forms like GIFs.”
Customer photo

Nicole Hasenkamp