Making G Suite work for internal communications

Fri, Apr 5, '19 •

Making G Suite work for internal communications

There’s no need to convince Internal Communications leaders that an intranet is essential to the modern digital workplace – they’ve been on board for years. So committed are they that they’ve struggled through poor tech, jumped head-first into the enterprise social network (ESN), and grinned madly once intranets could be accessed through mobile apps. The business case has long been clear.

But recently, that clear business case has come with a glut of options, from the tried-and-tested traditional SharePoint to whizz bang fancy bleeding-edge tech that’s not guaranteed to be in it for the long haul. With so many options, how can Internal Communications practitioners narrow down the essential intranet decision to make sure they get something fit for their unique purposes?

Your Internal Communications strategy is based around boosting staff engagement and morale, enhancing and improving your company culture, and generally making life easier (and making your employees more productive and efficient through better collaboration). This won’t happen if you end up with a clunky system that has more clicks than an Amazon recommendation engine, or where employees can’t respond to messages or even start their own.

Luckily, we know just the intranet you need. Enter: The G Suite intranet. Clean and simple UX, a familiar interface, a robust and secure portal, and with both conversation and information management at the heart, Google apps for work plus a G Suite intranet are powering an increasing number of digital workplaces. Here are just a few reasons why.

Get your staff more engaged through online interactions

We know that an engaged workforce is good for both morale and the bottom line - every Internal Communications expert across time and space has their own statistics to prove this, and it’s a point of order raised any time the Internal Communications strategy is picked apart.

“A well-designed, engaging and genuinely useful intranet holds the power to capture the attention of each and every employee,” writes Alexandria Nelson for H&H. “It provides a localized and easily accessible source of information in one place.”

But, she warns, information plus an Internal Communications strategy won’t necessarily lead to better engaged employees; instead, you need to add that essential piece of kit to bring it all together.

She writes: “A great intranet can enhance employee engagement because it offers the tools, content and insights that will encourage conversations, interaction, and employee involvement – as well as providing a central hub through which to distribute inspiring and compelling internal comms.”

Whether opting for gamification techniques to increase interactions or just letting employees run riot, your G Suite intranet is built to both deliver content and drive conversation. Create channels for colleagues to debate and discuss specific topics; integrate Slack to boost communication through instant messaging; keep them informed through sharing news and information; onboard new employees and new teams with virtual communities; help them pinpoint the exact person they need to speak to about any complex or niche topic. Plus, a G Suite intranet is based on Google apps for work, making it as easy as possible for your workforce to get online – there’s a mobile app for everything.

Improve company culture with better team collaboration

And Google? They’ve got this team collaboration thing down. Enabling real-time collaboration is part of the very essence of the company. Heck, they’ve even studied their own teams to get to the heart of what makes a high-performing team work so well.

Google team collaboration tools are not just about enabling people to work better together; it’s about using modern technology to unite people across locations so that no one is left behind. Through real-time collaboration in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more, colleagues can see the changes they’re making and comment on them immediately, speeding up the creation process and making the world of working so much more efficient. Plus, your G Suite intranet and Google apps for work back everything up to the cloud and enable cross-platform working. Start a video call or schedule a meeting from within your email, or opt for one (or several) of the thousands of cloud-based integrations available in the G Suite marketplace to drive your niche needs.

Google team collaboration tools are built to link your employees together seamlessly, efficiently, and in a way that encourages them to work together – but, importantly, adding a G Suite intranet acts as a virtual water cooler that can show employees they matter, keep everyone in the loop, and create a home for self-expression. When your employees feel they are being heard by both leadership and their colleagues, it can go a long way towards building the sort of culture you want.

An intranet with the right combination of features and with good internal storytelling can create engaged employees who are genuinely excited and passionate to be collaborating at work. You can use cloud-based integrations from the G Suite marketplace to help you execute the most common core values. After that, use your G Suite intranet to get feedback and communicate the company vision, and you may just find those employer brand reviews start talking about how yours is a culture that enables true growth.

Giving you the analytics to back up the business case

Still, it’s one thing to say “hey, look – people are talking to each other nicely” and hoping that proves employee engagement is robust; it’s entirely another thing to walk into the CEO’s office with hard stats that show a real growth in adoption and usage.

Your G Suite intranet, being powered by Google, can sync with your Google Analytics package to help you see the challenges in your engagement plan so you know where to spend attention. Measurement is essential, but was always a difficult thing for Internal Communications teams – it’s not like other areas of the business that are driven by analytics. That’s all changed now, and having a G Suite intranet makes measuring engagement easier.

Start with participation rates, then look further into the channels and pages that are proving most popular. This has the added bonus of showing you what’s on the minds of the workforce. You can then build on your Internal Communications strategy safe in the knowledge that the need is proven, and backed up by data.

Make life easier with a digital workplace, powered by a G Suite intranet

Long gone are the days when your company intranet had to come out of the same box as your ancestors’ IT infrastructure. Small businesses and corporate enterprises alike are realising the possibilities and opportunities held within Google apps for work and a G Suite intranet system, especially as the workforce gets younger and more used to Google UX.

The G Suite intranet is built around your employee’s needs. It’s not just an add-on, something they’re forced to look at because it’s the home page every time they open the intranet. It’s something that is integral to their everyday work life. If your Internal Communications strategy aims to empower the workforce to work smarter and build a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration, then the G Suite sounds like a great fit.


Jonathan Davies


Fri, Apr 5, '19

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