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Randstad Sourceright is a global talent solutions company with more than 2,500 employees and is a part of Randstad N.V, a leading HR services company with more than 4800 offices worldwide and employing more than 600,000 people every day.

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The Challenge

Connecting a global workforce
The transition from a regional to a truly global operation can bring some challenges. Ensuring that the same connected feel of the local offices remained on a global level was one of the main goals for the Internal Communications team. This is why they quickly realized a shared platform for news, collaboration and communication would be necessary to achieve this difficult task.

“Our biggest challenge before introducing Happeo was having to manage diverse communications programs and platforms across all of our different geographies. There was no one central platform for us to share information and collaborate with teams across borders.”

“We chose Happeo because it was the only system that combines static intranet functionality, with essential collaboration features, social networking and the targeted distribution of news into one solution. The platform matched our vision of a digital workplace.”
Anna Tolley
Global Internal Communications Manager



Happeo reinvented how Randstad Sourceright collaborates
Happeo gives employees at Randstad Sourceright a forum to collaborate, share knowledge and connect with each other around different topics and work projects. Happeo helps to ensure employees only receive information that is truly relevant to them but also never miss out on critical company updates and news.

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Bringing together a global business

From a company where it was a challenge to find the right person, to now having one place to connect and discover.

What has Randstad Sourceright achieved by using Happeo?

• Onboarding is available immediately, saving managers’ time.
• Gaining insights into global engagement for the first time.
• Reducing work for IT with centrally managed user permissions.
• Employees only see relevant information, eliminating distractions.
• Communication and information sharing can happen from one central platform.

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