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Happeo, an intranet designed for Marketing teams

If you work in marketing, you work hard to represent your brand and make it all sparkle. And you know the drill, or the dozens of steps it takes, to make that sparkle reach your desired audience. The solution to avoiding marketing chaos? An intranet platform for marketing designed to make your job easier.

Happeo, the social intranet

What is Happeo?

Happeo’s mission is to make work a happier place. We provide an intranet platform that serves both as a database for all your documents and resources, as well as an enterprise social network. The best intranet for marketing departments is one to organize and share all your marketing efforts and wins.

The main benefits of using Happeo for Marketing departments

If you work in marketing you need an overview of all marketing initiatives and collaboration with other departments. You know what it's like juggling multiple channels and campaigns, all the while having to gather the data to showcase your success. An intranet for marketing departments can help you manage all your expectations and goals. 

How Happeo helps Marketing departments

Happeo is an intranet for Marketing teams to work more efficiently. Designed to be user-friendly, methodical, and accessible everywhere, Happeo helps your marketing efforts come to fruition without letting anything fall through the cracks.  

Training your marketing team

Marketing certainly isn’t a stale sector. Best practices are constantly changing and having an up-to-date team, one that is on the same page is of utmost importance. Happeo is an intranet for marketing, a place to not only store all data and information but training videos and materials as well.  Employees can access their Happeo no matter where they are, which means their learning material is always available.

Managing marketing materials and data

Marketing provides you with an overwhelming amount of data. Determining your buyer persona, tracking your ROI, the struggle to prioritize leads, forgotten and lost data, the list of marketing responsibilities is long. With Happeo you can store all your information in one convenient place. No more digging through emails to compare that report your colleague sent last year to the one your boss sent you this quarter.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Pages
Harnessing creativity 

If you’re in marketing, chances are you know what a creative rut is like. Happeo lets you share or solicit ideas with other colleagues, brainstorm fresh concepts and approaches, and let the creative juices flow. Happeo offers many social features, such as commenting possibilities, or reactions to posts with emojis. You can also browse your marketing channels, or other department channels, for inspiration.  

Collaborating with other departments

Connecting marketing to the wider business perpetuates visibility and efficiency. With Happeo, a collaboration platform for marketing, you can store and present an overview of your marketing materials, let everyone know about your marketing initiatives, and most importantly, receive feedback and input from other departments. 

Lack of communication

With everything going on under the marketing umbrella it’s important that all results and initiatives are communicated to the rest of the team. An intranet for marketing departments allows you to share everything that’s happening. From new collateral updates to partnership announcements and internal events – everything is visible, all the time.

Happeo's top 6 features for an organized Marketing department

We know you spend your days promoting your product or service. Happeo helps your internal promoting, offering marketing teams visibility. Happeo gets your marketing team, and your entire organization, on board. Our features are made to offer marketing departments speed and efficiency.

Happeo Intranet Pages
    • Integration with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

      Happeo integrates flawlessly with Google Workspace, your emails and calendar are all visible and accessible from Happeo’s home page. Include your marketing calendar to keep track of milestones and events.

    • Social features

      Happeo is a modern digital workplace, with all the social features you already know and love. You can react to posts with emojis, comment, tag colleagues, and view all happenings from your news feed. The marketing department can even test run social media initiatives within their own organization with Happeo.

    • Channels to drive collaboration

      With Happeo you can create channels for specific uses. For example, create a channel for campaign ideas and get feedback on drafts or idea proposals.

    • Find all marketing materials

      With Happeo’s universal search, that syncs with all Google Workplace documents, users can easily find all marketing materials.

    • Internal marketing branding

      Your brand is important, both externally and internally. Customize your Happeo with your logo, brand color and more. Visibility creates memorability.

    • Direct message, video call, email and calendar access

      Save time by conducting all your work via Happeo. Directly send a Slack message or start a video chat with your colleagues via their profiles. Book your colleague's calendar or get in touch through Jabber, WebEx or Google Meet.

Don’t just take our word for it

Happeo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2

“A user friendly, customizable platform for communication and shared work spaces. Easy to create a customized internal platform for company communications, news, and resources for employee needs through pre-built templates”
Customer photo

Davindra Basdeo

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The ability to quickly communicate and scale collaboration is second to none. Users across the globe can receive information, connect and collaborate in real time – answer questions quickly and publicly to avoid duplicative emails.”
Customer photo

Molly Quinn

Director of Marketing and Communications

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”
Customer photo

Calene Horton

People Operations Manager