Data-driven Internal Comms – get in the driver’s seat

Get the scoop on which content performs best, who your top influencers are and even which content people search for, but can’t find. Happeo takes guesswork out of the equation and lets you evaluate your communication campaigns against actionable and understandable metrics.

Happeo, the social intranet

The benefits of social intranet analytics

When your workforce communications is digital first, your efforts become scalable and more importantly – easy to evaluate.

Crystal clear goal tracking

In the past it was harder to set SMART Internal Comms goals, especially that “Measurable” part. But that was then – Happeo is now.


When you track results over time, you make it easy to set baselines. That, in turn, leads to more realistic goals as you can benchmark against yourself.

Understand which content works…

Most of the content on social intranets was put there because stakeholders thought it would be useful. But is it? Happeo's analytics tell you exactly what content performs best.

…and which content is missing

It’s easy to evaluate what exists, but harder to understand what’s missing. That is, until you have an overview of keywords that return empty results.

Shift from an “Ask” to a “Search” culture

When you can anticipate your employees’ content needs, you save them time. “Hey, do you have a second?” can quickly be met with “did you search it on Happeo first?”

Leadership reporting

Evaluating results doesn’t just make your life easier – it’s better for your leadership team too. All that data makes it easy to help the company understand what’s working, and what isn’t.

What can be measured, can be improved

Happeo makes it easy for admins to evaluate the success of their efforts. Here are the returns they’ve seen:


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has made it easier to scale their culture with their growth.


of Happeo customers say that Happeo has helped improve collaboration.


of Happeo customers say Happeo’s admin is user friendly.

Facts don’t lie

Communications without data is like driving with your eyes closed. Happeo will open your eyes – but it won’t blind you with hard-to-read information.


Flexibility is the new black

Our dashboard is easy to read, but incredibly powerful too. Find out exactly how Happeo helps you take your analytics to the next level.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Organizations around the world work with Happeo to data-drive their Internal Comms efforts. Read our success stories to find out why they love using Happeo, and how we’ve helped them prove how valuable they are.

“Being able to find content more easily than what our associates were used to was a key requirement. And using search analytics to gain insight from how our employees were using Happeo was providing speed. To be able to do something in minutes, literally five or ten minutes, something that would have taken days if not months previously is hugely beneficial and much more consistent with who we are as an organization.”
Customer photo

Kyle Anderson

“To have that dashboard of analytics that we can broadcast to our partners so they see we have this much engagement, what people are searching for, what people are doing, what their favorite page is — those metrics are invaluable. To take the information from analytics to show individuals how Kairoi is benefiting from using this platform is really powerful.”
Customer photo

Wayne Davis