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Build a more productive and enjoyable digital workplace 

Managing a changing organization is no small feat. Happeo helps your people focus on the work they love doing, without having to chase information. So you can keep growing while everyone stays aligned and motivated. 

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Get more productive with what you already have

More tools can help as you grow, but can you actually make the most of them? Happeo brings your platforms under one roof. So your people don’t have to guess where information lives and can use your toolbox to its full potential.

Less time spent asking, more time for getting things done

Happeo puts the right information in the hands of the right people, when they need it. Whether it’s policies, contact information, schedules, or any file in your collaboration suite, your teams don’t have to ask for it. They can simply find it and get to work.

Focus your communications, reach your targets faster 

In between all the Slack messages and emails, it’s easy to miss important information. People can’t get the message across and you can’t reach your goals. Happeo gives everyone an easy way to target their messages and to hear back from the right people when you need it.

Build better relationships, not only a productive intranet

Feeling part of a team and making personal connections is harder than ever in remote or hybrid working environments. You might even end up losing top talent. Happeo helps your teams align with the company’s direction and feel close to who they work with, including their leaders.

What gets measured gets managed

No more guessing how effective your intranet and communications are. Happeo gives you one central place where you can understand how people consume and interact with your content, so you can improve it and get higher ROI on it.

What makes your intranet a success?