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Google Currents alternative:
Comparing Currents with Happeo 

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What is Google Currents? Currents is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) developed by Google for Internal Communications between employees and teams. Formerly known as Google+, the network rebranded to Currents in 2019 due to low user engagement. Currents is part of Google Workspace’s set of collaboration tools that supports workplace communication by giving employees a place to post topics, ideas, news, and comment on them.

Happeo Comparison
Happeo Comparison

Currents is suitable for medium-to-large sized companies that don't need collaboration features, and just need a simple platform to talk without a knowledge base. It is not an intranet platform, and unlike Happeo, it doesn't provide an internal page builder and features to facilitate collaboration. Read on to compare Currents to Happeo – our alternative. Want to see and compare other Currents alternatives? Visit our intranet platforms comparison.

Feature overview

Digital workplace Happeo Currents
Third-party app launcher
Integrated Drive Editing
Integrated Docs editing
Integrated Sheets editing
Integrated Slides editing
Collaboration platform Happeo Currents
Employee directory
Slack integration
User-creatable channels
Integrated Hangouts conferencing
Integrated Calendar editing
Jabber, Webex integration
Social intranet Happeo Currents
Page builder
Social channels


Personalized news feed
Branded file templates
Influencer analysis
Overall features Happeo Currents
Mobile intranet app
Push notifications
Single Sign On
ISO compliant security
GDPR compliant
Top-down communications
Bottom-up communications
Custom branding
Deep Google Workspace integration
User-first design
Fast time to deploy
Google Workspace integration
Office 365 integration

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Currents is missing collaboration features

Currents allows for bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication, however, the lack of collaboration features means conversation can't turn into work – in other words, there is a missing link to business benefits. Compared to Currents, Happeo’s deep integration with Google Workspace’s tools makes collaboration smooth. Had a great conversation about an upcoming press release? Paste the document in that post thread and start working on it! The possibilities are endless, and productive.

Currents doesn't integrate with other apps

Currents doesn't have an API, and it's not on their roadmap either. It can be a powerful platform for internal use, however, the lack of integration with other applications (Google Sites, Slack, etc.) doesn't create a seamless workflow like Happeo does, which makes Happeo the preferred Currents alternative.

Currents lacks the features to promote company image

Features like a customizable look and feel, a Page builder and branded file templates promote the company image internally. Currents doesn't provide any of those to brand your intranet. Customization options don’t go further than creating your own streams with information that’s relevant to you. The alternative: Happeo is completely customizable in look and feel, from your platform’s URL up to your company colors or email digests.

Currents creates information silos

Since Currents doesn’t integrate with the rest of the Google Workspace apps, information stored there won’t be discoverable with your Enterprise Search. Simply put: the more you work in Currents, the more you silo information into it. Happeo, as an alternative, is fully integrated with Google Workspace, which means that information on your intranet platform and Workspace is searchable and accessible in one place.

Currents is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN), not a social intranet

ESNs like Currents allow for sharing news and interaction through likes, comments, follows – anything to engage your workforce in an open conversation. What makes a social intranet, on the other hand, is the combination of Pages and Channels as features. Both have their benefits, but the case shouldn’t be about choosing one or the other. We know that, and that’s why our alternative combines them all in one solution – social intranet, ESN, and collaboration tools.

The future of Currents is uncertain

After a shaky launch and tenure, Google decided to replace Google + with Currents. Launching out of Beta in July 2020, the app has not been out for long and is essentially a rebranded version of Google +, with a few extra feature. Google Workspace focuses mostly on productivity applications – Docs, Sheets, Drive, Slides, etc. Google is known to develop "fringe" applications around, such as Sites and Currents, but can just as quickly abandon the project to go back to their main focus.