Close the distance 
with your coworkers

Happeo’s People section allows you to find anyone in your organization, see where they sit in the org chart, and connect with them in a couple of clicks.

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Your people right where they need to be

Switching to a new intranet is no small feat, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Like automatically importing all your Google Groups or Azure Active Directory user data into Happeo. We sync all existing permission settings too.

Happeo intranet Auto Provisioning
Happeo intranet Search

Find anyone in a few keywords

When you’re remote or hybrid, finding people can be tough. Not with Happeo. Just type a few keywords in your search bar to find anyone. No matter you search by their name, role, email, phone number, location, or even their pet’s name. Every detail is searchable. It’s the best way to connect on mutual interests.

Your company’s structure at a glance

The secret to being productive is not having to always ask. Especially when you work with hundreds of people. Happeo gives you a window into everyone’s role and responsibilities, with an automatically generated org chart, that keeps up to date with any changes in your user directory. Access it from your People sidebar or from any User Card.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart
Happeo intranet People cards

Finally give a face to a name

Not working at the office most days, doesn’t mean you can’t know who’s who. With Happeo you can get that sense of sitting together in the same room once again. Learn more about who you work with on User Cards. Fill in the gaps with personal and work related information, from their department, role, and who they report to, to their hobbies and skills.

Get in touch with one click

Do you have to go through a middleman or to endure an endless back and forth, just to pick a date for a meeting? Forget it. Open a People card, decide how to connect between DMs, video call, scheduling an event or email, and that’s done. You can even take a look at their schedule before getting in touch. And communication happens only through the tools you integrate.

Happeo intranet People cards
Happeo intranet People widgets

Instant access and context

Happeo allows you to customize your Pages with user card widgets to provide quick access and context about anyone in your team. Customize your People widgets and drag/drop them where needed. Show Page authors with contact information or provide a quick presentation of your team for everyone to see. No need to even search for them.

Easily understand how people use your intranet

Happeo intranet People Analytics

Find your influencers

Wondering who’s having the biggest impact in your intranet with their content? Get data on the total number of Posts created, and on the Comments and Likes users receive. Filter data by Channel to dig deeper. 

Happeo intranet People Analytics

See who creates the most

Understand who top contributors are and who’s not engaged enough, with a quick view of the number of Pages, Posts, and Comments they create, plus the Impressions each gets. Sort your data, filter it by Channel, and export it to a CSV file.

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