Employee directory: find and connect with colleagues - fast

Meet your intranet directory: Happeo's People. It's your digital rolodex, allowing you to browse employee profiles and visualize your organization's structure. Search in seconds, chat from a profile card, book a meeting and more - all in one tab.

Happeo Intranet Channels

Get in touch with colleagues through contact cards

The magic comes from our synchronization with Google Workspace, so all those contact details are always up to date. With just one click you can start a video call, send an instant message or email, schedule a meeting and more.

Automatically-generated organization chart

Visualize your company hierarchy and people's positions within your organization. Search for colleagues by name or function and Happeo's org chart lets you see their details, including their photo, title, position in the org chart and their manager.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Channels

Speaking of Search: find everyone in seconds

Happeo's employee directory is designed for fast-growing companies and large enterprises with multiple locations and remote workers - you know, companies where people struggle to find the right colleague. Auto-suggest makes searches quick and easy.

Employee profiles are fully customizable

Cater to your organization's unique requirements and customize your employee directory with unique input fields. Skills, a favorite quote, a brief biography - organizations and employees can personalize to their hearts' content.

Happeo Intranet Pages
Happeo Intranet Channels

Sync your employee directory with Google Calendar

Time for a planathon? Create one central source of truth by synchronizing your intranet's employee directory with shared Google calendars. Edit and view your own calendar, or view your colleagues' shared calendars and schedule a meeting directly.

News channel

With Happeo it's easy to publish a post to communicate a range of news. Setting up primary and secondary news Channels allows each employee to receive news relevant to them.

Integrate communication apps

Happeo's employee directory application integrates profile cards with third-party apps such as Slack, Zoom, Jabber, Gmail and Google Meet. Find. Click. Chat. It's that easy!

Use an employee directory successfully

Find a colleague and collaborate

Simply enter your colleague's name, function, or location and browse through the results. Plan a meeting, or collaborate immediately.

Start a video call

Quick, hop on a call! Open your colleague's contact card and find a myriad of ways to get in touch, including Google Meet for video calling.

Schedule a meeting

Open a colleague's profile, view their Google Calendar, and schedule a meeting - all in one tab.

Find people’s skills and expertise

Searching for a colleague with a specific skill set allows you to discover hidden expertise across the entire organization.

Help new joiners onboard faster

Happeo's employee directory helps new team members understand that awesome "family" they just joined, and vice-versa.

Find your colleagues on-the-go

Want to coordinate a last-minute change while you're not at your desk? Happeo's People section is fully accessible through its mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Happeo's People.

What is an employee directory?

An employee directory stores employee information across an organization in a single point of access. It lists different information about the employee, including full name, job title, department, professional skills, location, contact information, working hours, and shared calendar. An employee directory helps everyone in an organization quickly find the help they need to do whatever needs to be done.

Why are employee directories important?

Employee directories are important because they allow everyone to find and connect with colleagues quickly. It is a challenge for employees to know all their colleagues and find the right team member for the right task as well as the contact details. Employee directories solve these problems by providing important information about every colleague and adding apps for connecting and communicating directly.

What is included in an employee directory?

Employee directories are made up of employee profiles. Every organization can decide how detailed those profiles should be, which information is mandatory and optional. However, there is some basic information every profile should contain. These are:

  • Full name
  • Job
  • title
  • Department
  • Profile
  • Photo
  • Phone
  • Number
  • Office
  • Location
  • Email
  • Address