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Intranet CMS: the single platform to manage all your internal information

An intranet CMS is a web-based content management system and an essential platform for many businesses. With an intranet CMS, organizations manage digital content all on one single platform: from creating and publishing content to updating, sharing, and archiving it. An intranet that employs a CMS lets everyone in an organization participate in information management, boosts Internal Communications and productivity.

Happeo, the social intranet
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Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
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Increase efficiency and productivity with an intranet CMS

Internal Communications and information management are at the heart of every organization. When done properly employees feel involved and informed. In fact, communications is one of the key-drivers for productivity, and doing it right is a necessity for organizations.

An intranet Content Management System is the best platform to improve communications and information management. It's the one and only digital place to store and manage information, distribute news, and have engaging two-way communication.

  • Information management

    Information is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. To grow in value it must be stored securely and be easily accessible by authorized employees so that it can be used in meaningful ways. An intranet CMS allows organizations to collect, manage, and distribute information from different sources and in different formats. Another big advantage: sharing information is the best way to break down information silos.

  • Time and efficiency savings

    Time is money! When it comes to employee productivity that couldn’t be closer to the truth.
    An intranet CMS software can help to save a lot of time. Employees spend less time trying to find the information they are looking for as an intranet CMS gives them the tools they need to find what they need with a simple quick search.

  • Increased collaboration

    Collaboration through an intranet CMS is achieved by collaborative workspaces allowing remote employees from different teams to work together on the same projects. Its digital content management system also lets employees search, share and access files anywhere and anytime.

  • Improved employee engagement

    Employee disengagement is a problem that leads to a lack of satisfaction and commitment, resulting in higher employee turnover rates. An intranet CMS improves engagement by promoting two-way communication, sharing knowledge and information, and making information easily accessible.

  • Reduction in paper and printing costs

    Most organizations want to reduce costs. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about the unnecessary copies of emails and documents that are printed each day. Intranet content management systems are a great way to reduce printing costs because files are stored in the intranet CMS and employees no longer have to print them out.

  • Quick updates

    Intranet CMSs are made with non-developers in mind. A major advantage of an intranet CMS software is that content can be updated quickly and by everyone in the organization. The ability to quickly publish important news and content helps to keep the information flowing and teams informed.

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Happeo delivers all the benefits of an intranet and a content management system

Happeo is an intranet platform that successfully employs a content management system. We use database technology that helps organize information so that it can be stored, searched, updated, and shared quickly and securely throughout an organization.

With its extremely powerful search function all information can be searched through one search box, including files within your intranets, Google Drive and people search. To secure company information Happeo uses Google Cloud's security model.

Google Cloud Security apps
  • Quick and easy page management

    With Happeo it is an easy and straight-forward process to create and publish content. No technical skills are needed because Happeo offers a number of pre-built intranet page templates. Alternatively, employees can adjust and build new pages with simple drag and drop elements. Providing a lot of flexibility without compromising the site design, to make the platform totally unique for every organization.

  • Easy to install and manage

    Happeo is super easy to install and manage. Not much technical assistance is needed and most organizations run it without much effort. Because Happeo comes with a number of pre-built intranet page templates there is also no technical expertise required once the platform is running.

  • Maximum intranet security

    Organizations often worry about their intranet security. At Happeo, we know that there is nothing more important. Happeo ensures maximum security for all information and files by using Google Cloud's security model.

  • Advanced search functions

    An intranet CMS solution needs to be searchable. Often employees are looking for specific information or for a solution to a problem. With Happeo’s advanced intranet search, all of an organization's information can be searched including files within your intranet, employee directory and Google apps. The efficient search function saves time and increases intranet adoption.

  • Advanced intranet analytics

    Tracking Internal Communications and engagement is an essential task with an intranet CMS. Happeo integrates with Google Analytics so their Advanced Analytics add-on can help organizations track and measure engagement and KPIs.

  • World-class support

    Happeo’s support team offers great help for new and existing customers. Happeo’s Customer Community Page brings companies that use Happeo together to ask questions and to share knowledge and best practices.

Discover all product features

Buyer's handbook for Intranet CMS

This buyer's handbook for intranet CMS helps to quickly choose the best solution. Our handbook includes 5 steps an organization must consider when choosing a new intranet CMS.

Download the free handbook and learn about:

  • The benefits of an Intranet CMS.
  • Why does your company need an intranet CMS?
  • What are your business requirements?
  • What features do you need?
  • Assess potential intranet CMS options.
  • Make a final decision on the best intranet CMS.
  • BONUS: Questions to ask your potential vendor.


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Don’t just take our word for it

Happeo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2

“A user friendly, customizable platform for communication and shared work spaces. Easy to create a customized internal platform for company communications, news, and resources for employee needs through pre-built templates”
Customer photo

Davindra Basdeo

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The ability to quickly communicate and scale collaboration is second to none. Users across the globe can receive information, connect and collaborate in real time – answer questions quickly and publicly to avoid duplicative emails.”
Customer photo

Molly Quinn

Director of Marketing and Communications

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”
Customer photo

Calene Horton

People Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about intranet CMS

What is an intranet CMS?


An intranet CMS is a web-based content management system. With an intranet CMS, organizations manage all internal communication and content creation in one platform, like creating, publishing, updating, sharing, and archiving. The advantage of an intranet CMS is that everyone in an organization can participate in the creation and management of information. Intranet content management systems are therefore a great way to boost internal communication and productivity.

What is a CMS?


CMS, or content management system, is the software organizations use to manage their digital content. CMSs are typically used to create, manage, and modify content on a website. A CMS simplifies the process of content creation, because users don’t need programming knowledge to create and share information.

Does an intranet need a CMS?


Yes, intranets need a CMS in order to create, publish, update, share, and archive information. Without an intranet CMS, organizations would need to use several tools to manage their content. Traditionally, not all intranets employ a content management system, allowing only trained employees or IT departments to publish content. With the changing trend from top-down to dynamic communication, everyone in an organization should be able to create and share information. Hence, a successful intranet will also employ a CMS that lets everyone participate in information management like Happeo does.

Is it safe to store my information on an intranet CMS?


Storing and managing information with an intranet CMS is safe when an integrated security solution is offered. It is important to understand that in general intranet CMSs can have a serious threat to a company's security. Threats can be caused by external and internal factors. Protecting intranet CMS data is therefore an important step in the planning and management of an intranet CMS. Most intranet CMSs use an integrated security solution that offers maximum protection. These solutions include a secure cloud infrastructure, a GDPR compliant system, an ISO 27001 Certification, a SSO Authentication, the restriction of sensitive information and the creation of an intranet usage policy.

How to organize intranet content?


In order to make the best use of a CMS intranet, you should know how to manage it so it serves you best. Follow these tips:

  • Create the content.

  • Make sure that content is up-to-date at all times. That means managing versions and optimizing it when needed.

  • Assign community managers.

  • Tag the content!

  • Make sure you’re not the only one to follow these steps
What do you need to know before choosing a CMS for an intranet?

Here’s a list of things you should consider before choosing a CMS intranet:

  • Is it user-friendly?

  • Does it let you search universally?

  • Does it create a two-way communication flow?

  • Will it integrate with the systems and apps that your organization already uses?

  • Is it customizable?

  • Can you distribute information in different formats?

  • Can you set permissions?

  • Can you track document history?
Why is Happeo the best CMS for intranets?


Happeo is the best CMS for intranets, as it allows organizations to store, distribute, and manage all kinds of information, regardless of its format or source. Happeo’s CMS intranet software is efficient, as it saves time while it reduces printing costs and breaks information silos.

What security measures does Happeo use?

By certifying with industry-accepted security standards, Happeo assures that the organization's most sensitive data is protected 24/7. All user data is stored securely in Google Cloud, so it benefits from Google Cloud's security model and world-scale infrastructure. Happeo has achieved the ISO 27001 certification and commits to GDPR compliance - both standards that help organizations to manage their information security. Happeo also offers SSO Authentication to prevent unauthorized users accessing sensitive company data, while allowing full convenience to your employees.

How to choose the best intranet CMS software?

When choosing a CMS to best suit their business needs, organizations should know what issues they would be looking to solve by implementing one. Still, there are a few features to consider when choosing an intranet CMS:

Set up and ease-of-use

Our customers launch fast! With our average launch time of 6-8 weeks, Happeo beats the average launch time of 1.2 years. Your new digital solution is user friendly and can have multiple contributors , so it'll be set up in next to no time.

Universal and Federated Search

This is Happeo’s smart enterprise search. Team will have easier access to finding everything in your platform, Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint, and third-party platforms. Browsing through different file formats and data sources has never been so much easier.

Employee directory

Search for an Employee in seconds through a single point of access. Synchronized with Google Workspace, this tool has a plethora of features to enhance the employee directory and search experience for team members in any organization type and size.

Social collaboration

Your epicenter of digital employee collaboration. Channels provide a secure, social and centralized place for employees to communicate and collaborate by posting messages, and commenting, liking, sharing, and tagging co-workers in them.

Knowledge sharing

One source of truth to create, share and manage all your organization's knowledge. In one centralized workspace, teams and their members stay in the loop, on-track and updated on any and every organizational development and digital resource.

Personalized experiences

Personalize and tailor your internet experience hassle free with no effort. Intranet pages can be designed by anyone without any coding knowledge with dynamic drag-and-drop and widget features. Design the page on your own. In your own way. In your own time.

Content lifecycle management

Automatically clear and keep up-to-date with your information. Here you’ll always deliver quality and relevant content to customers, where you're alerted of stale content that automatically goes into the archive when it’s obsolete.

Existing app and workplace integrations

Your-all-in-one digital workplace platform. The rich integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 delivers a universal experience that'll centralize your files, streamline your communication and unify your team. Unite all your content, people and tools in one platform.

Analytics and reporting

Delve into data that’ll take the guesswork out of what your employees search for. Get an overview on a wealth of data from most-searched keywords to a comprehensive .CSV report and everything in between and boost engagement.

Mobile accessibility

Stay connected with teams on the go! Work from any device with mobile accessibility, with secure intranet access, the intranet app lets employees quickly and securely connect with colleagues with access to many intranet features.


Built into the DNA of the product is security and trust. User data is stored securely with the platform having: ISO 27001 certification, full GDPR compliance and SSO authentication. Your data is safe with the added benefit of Google’s security model and infrastructure.

What are the main use cases for an intranet CMS?


Document management and data storage

All this content has to be organized somewhere. When all of the information is stored in one central area, data is quickly accessible to intranet users.

Information publishing across the organization

Employees can create and contribute content easily, which opens up the doors of communication within your workplace. With a CMS intranet, your enterprise will see a decline in printing and paper costs, an increase in time efficiency and employee productivity, and an increase in controlled information sharing on a company-wide level.

Collaborative digital workplace

CMS intranets allow for collaboration, cooperation, and content access all in one digital workspace.