How Google Workspace boosts remote work

Remote work

How Google Workspace boosts remote work

Madina Baikulova


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Thu, Jun 4, '20  

The growth of remote work

Did you know that 76% of employees would be more willing to stay at their job if they could work flexible hours? More organizations are seeing the benefits of remote work every day. Making the transition to full-time remote team members, however, can come with challenges. The most significant problems arise from communication gaps and a lack of the right remote work software. 

It is no secret that the platforms you use play a significant role in workplace collaboration. With so many options out there, it is important to do your research to make the right choice. Today, we are going to cover the advantages of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – the cloud-based platform that provides support to companies no matter where their employees are. It can help you manage your company effectively, enhance your workflow, and improve collaboration between employees. Read on to learn what Google Workspace is, and how it can help you. In the end of this article we also introduce a Google intranet solution.

Google Workspace as a collaboration tool

Imagine having access to all the best business productivity apps all on a single platform. Google Workspace offers features for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more without the stress of managing individual software and tools. Developed by the one and only Google, this platform was built to solve common problems and help teams get more done. As one of the most recognized names in the business world, Google Workspace now has an estimated 2 billion users

So what is causing this rise in popularity? Whether you are in the office or working from home, team members can stay connected with each other. Google Workspace allows employees to access what they need from their desktop computer or mobile device, share documents with colleagues in real-time, stay on top of their email, and schedule virtual meetings. When poor communication causes workflows to slow down or come to a halt, Google cloud solutions can get things moving again. 

Let’s take a look at the individual collaboration tools and enterprise-based products Google Workspace offers below. 

Time management

With Google Calendar, teams can schedule meetings and get reminders about upcoming events. Instead of spending time sending emails back and forth to compare busy schedules, remote workers can compare their Google Calendar with the calendars of their colleagues to find a time that works for everyone. This application can also show you a world clock to give you a glance at the current time in a number of places. Add as many time zones as you want. 

Google Calendar is also essential for anyone who wants to stay organized and manage their time well. For example, you can set your working hours so other people know when they can and can’t reach you. So if anyone tries to schedule a video meeting when you are not available, Google Calendar will send them a simple message to let them know. 

Google Calendar

Google Keep is a note-taking application that also boosts your time management skills. If you use Google Keep, you can easily add items to lists through written or voice commands. Employees can also add collaborators to notes to keep others in the loop about what they are working on. Since Google Keep automatically syncs to Google Drive, people can access their notes from any device within seconds. 

Knowledge share and collaboration

Google Drive is a powerful tool your business cannot overlook. Instead of keeping important information on a laptop or flash drive, everything is stored on a cloud server. Remote workers can retrieve data from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Files are updated automatically, so teams always have the most recent version available. Here are some applications that can all be used within Google Drive: 

Google Docs: one of the most well-known and straightforward applications available in your Google Workspace account. If you have experience with word processing programs like Microsoft Word, you already know how to use its many features. 

  • Google Sheets: a powerful program that helps employees build and organize spreadsheets. Employees can build out rows and columns, filter data, and create their own custom formulas to speed up data analysis. 

  • Google Slides: create visual presentations online. In addition to adding text, images, and animations to your slides, users can see their revision history to see what changes were made and when. 
    Google Drive

With these programs, companies can create budget proposals for advertising purposes, financial statements, and special reports. Google even offers templates to save people time when starting a new project. And with Google’s permission-based features in the admin console, multiple users can access and maintain files simultaneously. Best of all, Google offers unlimited storage for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

Internal Communications

For Internal Communications, Google Meet is Google Workspace’s enterprise video conferencing solution that can host group video calls. But where Meet is limited in the number of people that can join, it supports high-definition videos with even more chat room participants. Google Workspace services also include features that make it easy to access calls on the go, such as dial-in numbers and links to join the call with just one click. 

Google Meet

Of course, we can’t forget about email. Gmail is a low-cost email solution that can be accessed anywhere and from any device. A Gmail account can be synced with iPhones and Androids, familiar platforms that are used by many business professionals. This is a huge benefit when people use smartphones for work every day. Managers and team leaders can use the Google App dashboard to create new accounts and give users access to services. 

Meet Happeo

The growth of remote work opens up a host of new opportunities for businesses. To take advantage of this trend, organizations should consider learning about the various collaborative tools available. When communication gets complicated or difficult, Happeo, a Google intranet solution offers helpful tips for working remotely as well as platforms that integrate with Google Workspace

By taking advantage of the applications mentioned here, you should see an improvement in how teams work together. This includes live streaming and recording, group chats, and a shared drive. These apps may also create a sense of organization that people will respond to. Learn how to help your teams thrive with Happeo – the Google intranet solution.