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ZPG is the company behind some of the biggest brands in the UK, such as uSwitch and Zoopla. Ensuring these leading brands keep up the fast-paced innovation and customer focus is a big priority for everyone. Keep reading to find out how their Internal Communications team found their matching digital workplace partner.


The Challenges

Finding the right tool to match ZPG’s company culture
ZPG have a strong culture of being agile, collaborative and entrepreneurial. This is why the Internal Communications team knew they needed to find the right tool to match that culture and empower a better communication experience internally. After trying out several solutions, and witnessing the rise of shadow-apps, they discovered Happeo and saw what can happen when there’s a perfect synergy between collaboration tool and collaborator.

“The challenge for us was having multiple communications and collaboration platforms, many people using different things to find information.”

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“We’ve had lots and lots of different platforms in the past. Happeo is the first company-wide single point of collaboration and communication.”
Natalie Allen
Head of Employee Engagement



Happeo reinvented how ZPG do internal communications
Now there is one place for ZPG employees to work, collaborate and discover from around their business. This has revolutionized the way they think about internal communication, instead of top-down messaging, they can invite any employee to share their story, successes and questions openly. In turn, this has strengthened company culture, improved collaboration efforts and boosted employee satisfaction.

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Single point for company information

One single source of truth, for all 8000+ employees. Now company information and knowledge is in the hands of everyone, at any time.

What has ZPG achieved by using Happeo?

• Implementing digital two-way communication.
• Reinventing the onboarding process for new starters.
• Enabling automation, saving hours of admin work for HR.
• For the first time, accessing company information in a single place.
• One place to host content instead of multiple productivity apps.

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