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Why a Microsoft 365 intranet is vital for scaling SaaS companies

Why a Microsoft 365 intranet is vital for scaling SaaS companies

Sysarb is a SaaS company based in Sweden that advocates for fair pay between genders and provides a tool for pay equity analysis and salary setting. They’re a high-growth company, with 4 offices in Sweden and hybrid teams. Joakim Rosdahl, Sysarb’s CPO, took us through their journey of finding Happeo.

“Before Happeo we had an ad hoc structure for communications and were using links to Dropbox and Slack for all major communications. This meant information was easily getting lost. You’d often hear ‘where’s that document you sent me last week,’ and time was being lost trying to find what you needed. We wanted a solution that would accommodate for both static and dynamic communications.”

Sysarb's requirements

Joakim and his team set out to find the perfect social intranet and set out the following requirements: 

  • An intranet that fully integrates with Microsoft 365

  • Top-notch UI and UX that would make for an easy and successful adoption

  • Channels to communicate important news 

  • Integration to Slack so no updates are lost


A digital hub with centralized information

“Our digital toolset currently compromises of around 20 different tools. Finding what we needed meant going through different databases and not always finding the right document. With Happeo’s search function, we’ll be able to search across various platforms such as Jira, Sharepoint, and OneDrive all right from within Happeo.”

Always stay in the loop

“Sysarb has various teams all working on cool and interesting projects. We have a very transparent and engaging culture, and we like to share what we accomplish. We’re planning to use Happeo’s Channels so everyone can stay up-to-date with what other teams are working on. Employees will be able to set their notifications and subscribe to the Channels they’re the most interested in.”

“We needed a solution like Happeo because in our fast growing business, information was easily getting misplaced and our employees were loosing time trying to find what they needed to get their job done. We chose Happeo because of its great user reviews, user friendliness and deep integrations with Jira, Sharepoint files and OneDrive."

Joakim Rosdahl
Sysarb’s CPO

The most up-to-date files – always

“When sharing documents and collaborating, it was challenging to be sure we were working on the right version. There was some confusion and it wasn’t always evident which was the most up-to-date file. One of the reasons we chose Happeo was to embed our OneDrive documents that could be updated in real-time thanks to the Microsoft integration, and that had a nice UI that would encourage people to use the platform. We were using Sharepoint to store some of our files, but no one was using it.”


Ambitious growth goals

“When I started at Sysarb in 2015 we were 7 people. Now we have 50 employees and we’re planning to grow our company tenfold by 2026. We’re very passionate about salary equality and we want to grow our mission and expand to other parts of the world. Happeo will support this growth twofold:

  1. With onboarding. We want to make sure all our new employees feel welcomed to the company and are up to speed with what’s going on as soon as possible. We’ll use Pages so everyone can find the information they need and Channels for people to connect. 

  2. And with its ability to be used in different languages. For now, we mostly use English and Swedish, but we know we’ll start working in other languages as we expand. Happeo can support this.”

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