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Why EVA Global chose Happeo as their Microsoft 365-integrated social intranet

Why EVA Global chose Happeo as their Microsoft 365-integrated social intranet

EVA Global is a leading Managed Services Provider dedicated to eMobility. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Finland, with offices in the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany.

Michael Loos, EVA Global’s E-Mobility Project Manager, kindly took the time to tell us why they choose Happeo as their social intranet.

Life before Happeo

Before Happeo, company news, updates, and achievements were spread through different channels depending on context. As the company is growing at a rapid pace, the need to centralize and organize information grew as well — it was necessary to accommodate the organization's many teams and departments. They focused their intranet search on finding a solution to:

  • Streamline Internal Communications

  • Encourage even deeper co-operation between different functions

  • Ease the search for HR-information such as team structures and employee skills

EVA Global's culture of passion and engagement

“Within EVA Global we have a very nice culture of being willing to help, being passionate, and being engaged. We wanted to be sure to keep that while scaling and expanding in different locations. We needed a digital tool to streamline our processes and support our culture.”

Michael Loos
E-Mobility Project Manager

Why Happeo came to the forefront

EVA Global was relying on Sharepoint and Teams to store and share company information. They wanted a more efficient means of streamlining news that would not only integrate with their existing tools but also serve as a platform to strengthen their culture.

“With multiple offices, a growing team, and hybrid work, we saw Happeo as a digital solution to build employee engagement and bring everyone together. EVA Global has a lot of nice initiatives representative of our engaging culture, and Happeo will give visibility to these initiatives. We were also attracted to Happeo accommodating for both static and dynamic communications. We’ll be able to have our central knowledge base in Pages, and a more collaborative and engaging type of communication in Channels, thanks to social features such as commenting and tagging other users.”

EVA global_pageWhat intranet feature are you most looking forward to?

“I’m especially excited about Happeo’s mobile app. The app will also be impactful for our staff members that will primarily use Happeo for communications. That means they’ll easily be able to stay in the loop and be informed with mobile notifications. And I know our HR department can’t wait to use the announcement feature. Previously, all-staff messages were sent via email. With Happeo they’ll now be able to post an announcement and easily confirm if it has been noticed.

Happeo's integration with Microsoft 365

Happeo natively integrates with Microsoft’s most popular apps, including Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams. And it doesn’t stop there. Happeo also integrates with third-party tools and offers an app launcher — you can access all your essential digital tools from one convenient platform. Michael explains why these integrations appealed to EVA Global: “When it comes to Microsoft 365, we use Teams a lot, especially as a chat app. We also use Outlook and SharePoint. We were happy to find an intranet that not only integrates with Microsoft 365 but also brings all our tools together. The option to integrate the digital tools we already use into our intranet will make life easier.”

EVA global-login

The future of EVA Global and Happeo

“I imagine it will be more structured and more efficient. We’re planning to set up Happeo so that every department has its own Page where they can share meeting notes, updates, and useful information. This gives everyone the opportunity to see what’s going on in different departments and stay updated with the latest projects. This also eliminates the need to ask around for information and empowers employees to search for what they need.”


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