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Critical intranet content, directly from your pocket

Happeo's mobile app is built on state of the art technology for seamless two-thumb usage, creating the best on-the-go experience for deskless workers.

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Get the signal, not the noise — wherever you are

The fastest way to navigate news and updates 

Never miss a beat with our robust, notification management system. Enjoy a clutter-free and intuitive notification dashboard that conveniently groups your updates by notification type, so you can browse without having to think "where was this?!" again.

Happeo intranet Auto Provisioning
Happeo intranet Search

Find anything and anyone in a few taps

Our Mobile App gives you the same powerful Federated Search you get on desktop. Whether you’re just not at your desk, or you don’t even one, you can find all the files, documents, and other content hosted in Happeo, Drive and your integrated tools.

On-the-go experience

The new Happeo App was designed from the ground up for on-the-go content consumption – not just to be a copy of the desktop. Simply swipe through the content and enjoy the experience explicitly made for two-thumb usage.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart
Happeo intranet Search

Future-proof with a seamless cross-device experience

Built on the same state-of-the-art technology as your favorite consumer apps, Happeo’s new mobile app delivers updates faster than ever, ensuring a smooth transition between desktop and mobile for all the features crucial to the on-the-go intranet experience.

Branded by default

Happeo creates a seamless experience between your desktop and Mobile App, ensuring the brand color and logo are always consistent and cohesive in everything you see and create – without having to pay extra.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart

Keep it simple and secure

Tailored-mobile experience

While with Happeo desktop you can really get into the nitty gritty of your intranet, the Mobile App is designed to give you exactly what you need when you’re on the move, nothing more, nothing less.

Secure and compliant

Just like on your Happeo desktop, the Mobile App follows the highest security and compliance standards. Log in with your Google account and keep your data safe and private. 

Available everywhere

The Happeo Mobile App is available for free to download on both iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Just search for “Happeo”.

Included with every plan

We don’t limit or ask you to pay more for each Mobile App account. Any user in your Happeo, no matter which plan, can use the App for free. 

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Happeo’s Mobile App Playbook

Download our new guide aimed at business and internal comms leaders who want to save on-the-go employees from falling into communication cracks, tether them to essential information, and provide a modern solution for all employees.

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