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The office in your pocket

Happeo Mobile App is the perfect way to always keep up with news and updates, and to connect with the people you work with — even when you’re on the go.

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Get the signal, not the noise — wherever you are

Never miss an update 

When you’re on the go, getting messages and updates on your WhatsApp or email can be frustrating. And you end up missing most of it in between conversations. The Happeo Mobile App helps you keep in the loop and reach others, with push notifications for Posts and Announcements in Channels. 

Happeo intranet Auto Provisioning
Happeo intranet Search

Find anything and anyone in a few taps

Our Mobile App gives you the same powerful Search you get on desktop. Whether you’re just not at your desk, or you don’t even have a desk, you can find any file, article, conversation, contact information, and event, simply typing a few keywords. Use filters to narrow down even further.

Get your message across

Need to communicate to your team while you’re away? Or to provide your feedback on important information? With Happeo Mobile App you can easily create Posts in Channels and reply with comments, GIFs, Drive files or photos, tagging people, and more.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart
Happeo intranet Search

Everything that matters, at a glance

Just because you’re not sitting at a desk, doesn’t mean you should have to navigate through chaos to know what’s happening at the office. In Happeo Mobile App you’re welcomed by the feeds of information you need to see. All the latest updates from Channels you’re part of and all the recently shared company news. 

Like your office away from the office

Happeo creates a seamless experience between your desktop and Mobile App, ensuring the brand color and logo are always consistent and cohesive in everything you see and create. Even when you’re on the road, you’ll still feel close to the office.

Happeo intranet Automated organization chart

Keep it simple and secure

Tailored-mobile experience

While with Happeo desktop you can really get into the nitty gritty of your intranet, the Mobile App is designed to give you exactly what you need when you’re on the move, nothing more, nothing less.

Secure and compliant

Just like on your Happeo desktop, the Mobile App follows the highest security and compliance standards. Log in with your Google or MS Accounts and keep your data safe and private. 

Available everywhere

The Happeo Mobile App is available for free to download on both iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Just search for “Happeo”.

Included with every plan

We don’t limit or ask you to pay more for each Mobile App account. Any user in your Happeo, no matter which plan, can use the App for free.