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ActivTrak becomes remote-first with Happeo

ActivTrak becomes remote-first with Happeo

“Before Happeo, we used Slack as our primary means of communicating announcements and information throughout the company, which isn't ideal because Slack doesn't have the best search functionality. And people that are not located in the same time zones, or are taking time off, will miss those important announcements. Happeo’s helped us save that information somewhere that's very easy to search and find.”

- Calene Horton, People Operations Manager 

A culture-building platform

“Our journey with Happeo started when we were initially looking for a knowledge base platform, to help centralize all of our information as a remote-first company. Another challenge with being a remote-first company is keeping the culture within your company. Finding tools that really help build out our company culture has been really important for us because face-to-face interaction with your coworkers is something you lose when you go into a remote environment.”

A central source of communication for a remote-first company

ActivTrak needed an intranet to enable them to become a fully remote company, and searched for:

  • An organized knowledge base

  • A platform to foster culture and engagement

  • A place for every department to share and create resources

  • Universal search to easily find information 

Giving employees the spotlight

“Now that we've been remote for a year and a half, we’ve lost that face-to-face interaction with each other. So we've built a Channel inside Happeo called ‘Employee Spotlights.’ We send out 20 questions to employees and have them pick three to answer. And it's a great way for us to get to know each other and find out what we all have in common.”

Onboarding for ambitious growth

“We've been on a high growth phase, having grown our workforce by over 150%. That means new employees that need efficient onboarding.” 

“Our onboarding experience has greatly improved thanks to Happeo’s Pages. Instead of having a quick meeting and sending out slides to new employees, we now have an entire Page they can easily refer to.”

Calene Horton
People Operations Manager

Virtual water-cooler talk

“Happeo helped us replace water cooler talk with having all that information in one place that people can search. Now that we’re a remote-first company, we don’t have water cooler moments where you bump into other folks and start talking, and you realize ‘oh, you're working on this project, maybe that's something I can help with as well.’ Thanks to Happeo we can actually see what other departments are working on, see if there are any areas of overlap, or opportunities for collaboration.”

Automatic Organizational Chart

“I love the org chart. It was a manual process before Happeo, and anytime there were any changes or new joiners, someone would have to go in and manually update our org chart. But because Happeo is connected with our HR system, all that information is updated automatically. No one has to go in and manage that. And it's also great because everyone can really get a sense of the company and who their coworkers are.”

The features ActivTrak loves

  • Pages for each department

  • Targeted posts for leadership to share important updates

  • Pages and Channels for virtual onboarding 

  • Organization chart to know who’s who

An intranet suited for each department

“Our product team is a great example of a team that has built out their Page and section inside Happeo. Anyone in the company can go and look at our product roadmap and see what the most recent updates are — it's just very easy to access. And each department uses Happeo in their own way.

For example, our Sales team uses Happeo to centralize and organize all of the information that they need: case studies, information from marketing, their internal sales documentation, sales operations information — everything is now centralized and very easy for them to find. When we have new employees start on the sales team, the sales leaders are already directing them to the Sales Resources Page on their first day.”


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