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How BlueBridge One uses Happeo for knowledge management

How BlueBridge One uses Happeo for knowledge management

Lameshnee Chetty is BlueBridge One’s Knowledge Manager. She has a very interesting background in agriculture and philosophy, and has worked in Knowledge Management for over 10 years. With her experience, she knows a thing or two about governing resources. She kindly took the time to tell us about their Happeo journey. 

Growing fast and efficiently

“We’ve been growing exponentially this last year and we now have over 80 employees. We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our work. We have people who are incredibly well-versed in the product and that are experts in their own field. And the results of putting them out there with clients have been excellent. It’s always rewarding to see how well our clients respond. We use Happeo to share our knowledge and successes. And I think the results we’ve been getting are really driven by great leadership, that utilize Happeo. We’re given the freedom and encouragement to spread our wings and do what we excel in.”

- Lameshnee Chetty, Knowledge Manager

A proud Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider

BlueBridge One is a leading Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider for EMEA, a two time winner of the Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year award,  8th consecutive 5* Award and Top UK Partner. They have a presence in South Africa, the UK and in Romania.

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An overload of information and workforce geographically dispersed

“The challenge we faced was an overload of information. An overload of information in people's heads, on people's laptops, on Google drive and all over. We needed one single source of truth. We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, the UK and Romania. With all of these dispersed geographical regions, and most of us working remotely, it wasn’t very easy to collaborate and share information.”

An intranet to centralize knowledge

BlueBridge One set out the following requirements to find their social intranet:

  • Google Workspace integration

  • Channels for leadership to gain visibility and communicate

  • Database to store all their resources

  • Integrations and widgets to have everything in one place

Google Workspace integration

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“Happeo seamlessly integrating with Google Workspace made Happeo the product that ticked all our boxes. We use Google Workspace for everything and it’s a core aspect of how we work.
The fact that you can access everything from Happeo, from your files to your calendar, made it that much easier to make Happeo our main base to share and collaborate.”

Lameshnee Chetty
Knowledge Manager

More than an intranet 

“There’s a huge difference between Happeo and the intranet we used to have. Happeo not only has a smart interface to find what you need, but it’s also a social platform. Happeo is so much more than an intranet. It enhances and expands our culture. It helps bridge the gap between different geographical areas. We use Happeo to deepen that bond between colleagues.”

The features that BlueBridge One loves most

  • Pages to store knowledge  

  • Commenting and emoji reactions for bottom-up communications 

  • Channels for initiatives and to build their culture 

  • A search function to always find what they need 

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Keeping talent happy for smooth scaling

“I see Happeo and BlueBridge One growing together for a brighter future. The more employees we have, the more expertise we have. We’re lucky to have some of the best in the business and Happeo houses this intellectual capital so we can all share our knowledge. The way we consume information with Happeo is very efficient because we can search and find what we need in a tangible way and recycle and reuse some of the work we already have. And as we grow, our process will change and adapt, and we’ll use Happeo to communicate this and successfully implement them.”

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