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Kairoi uses Happeo to drive success

Kairoi uses Happeo to drive success

“Kairoi means moments in time when opportunities are seized. What this means is we're looking for opportunities for our clients, for our associates and for our residents to improve their lives. When we found Happeo, we saw it as a powerful tool that would parallel our philosophy of people first, and meet our goal to empower our associates. With Happeo our team drives success for our organization.”

- Wayne Davis, Operations Analyst

An employee-centric company looking for an employee-centric platform

Kairoi Residential is a premier, vertically integrated, multifamily investment, development, and property management company headquartered in San Antonio with offices in Austin and Denver.

The Kairoi team took the time to tell us how they use Happeo.

Kairoi values its culture and employees, and wanted a platform to reflect that.  Jessica Uresti, a recruiter at Kairoi tells us “I've been in the industry for a while, and different levels of leadership, different regions, or even different communities felt unattainable to connect with. Our people are the cornerstone of our success. They’re the heart of who we are, our number one focus, our pride, our joy — our people are everything. Our need for a platform that encompasses inclusion, celebration, engagement, and collaboration was critical. Happeo has absolutely changed the game, especially because of that personal feeling, we're able to have such a strong culture where everybody's voice is heard and people are truly valued”



Kairoi set out to find an intranet suited to their needs and aligned with their culture. They set out the following requirements:

  • One central platform to work from

  • Social features to bridge communication gaps between top and lower-level employees

  • Channels to encourage knowledge sharing

  • Analytics to see what works 

Driving growth and engagement


“Happeo has been a central hub for all of our job postings and descriptions. It's also been a place of recognition for promotions and advancement so that our associates can see there’s growth within the company, as well as invite other people that they think are very talented into the Kairoi fold.
The ability to post pictures, the thumbs up and interactions on comments — all of those things allow people to have that personal touch, bring a little bit of humor to it so that it's an enjoyable environment. And that’s played a big part in our growth.”

Jessica Uresti

One centralized launchpad for heightened interactions

Now that Kairoi uses Happeo, they have a consistent place to do their work. A launchpad where they can all log into every day. And it’s accessible to everyone. That means someone like their CEO, Mike Lynd, can make a post, and it’ll reach the entire team. Kairoi’s already started to see growth within Happeo. They launched Happeo in October 2020, and have added about half a dozen new Channels within 5 months.

Wayne tells us, “having so much interaction in one place is giving new people new ideas, and that's how we're going to continue to grow.”


Kairoi-loginAnalytics to change the game

Kairoi knew they wanted a platform that could measure success. They use Happeo’s Analytics to learn what their people search for, and what drives engagement. 

“To have that dashboard of analytics that we can broadcast to our partners so they see we have this much engagement, what people are searching for, what people are doing, what their favorite page is — those metrics are invaluable. To take the information from analytics to show individuals how Kairoi is benefiting from using this platform is really powerful.”

- Ronny Bryant, Manager Technology Services

Kairoi leverages culture to build a successful company

The Kairoi family knows what it’s like to be a team and connect with each other to achieve maximum success. Ronny Bryant, Kairoi's Manager of Technology Services, shares just how they do it: 

“We see ourselves as a family. What family can exist if they don't know what each other is doing? With Happeo we express to each other achievements, recognition, Kairoi successes, all of this stuff wrapped up in this nice, neat little package. And it’s great to see the level of interaction Happeo has brought on. I love it as an onlooker. I sit back and I feel proud.”

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